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My Duc 659.

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by echris, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm new to the forum, thought I give a quick shout out.

    My fascination with bikes started when watching Top Gun with Maverick speeding down the runway.

    Today, I went in to Ducati City on Elizabeth Street and chucked a $1k deposit on the black 659, currently in stock and should be ready for me early next week.

    I'm going for the Ls this weekend, having previously gone about 4 months ago I was unable to complete the second day in Hoppers Crossing, but looking forward to getting the addition to my license.

    By no means am I a hoon, but I am greatly looking forward to using this machine as my every day commuter in to town.

    Picking up a Shark helmet from PS on Friday, and have a pair of Dragging Slix and a jacket in the mail.

    In terms of accessories, I plan on ridding the bike of the hideous windscreen, have axle and frame sliders coming from the US along with a tail tidy kit. In the future, plan on getting gold brake and clutch levers and come the weekend will get some barend mirrors.

    Looking forward to meeting up with some of you for a ride, will need to get some experience under my belt first!
  2. Welcome to NR and welcome to the world of motrbikes. (y)

    Awesome choice there. I would have loved to get that bike and probably would have if I had not bought my Yamaha V-Star a few months before the Duc 659 was launched. :)
  3. Great choice of bike.
    Make sure you come along to the saturday practice session behind BP in Elwood.
  4. Listen to this man - He just bought 2 of them. :)
  5. I have every intention on going, my brother recently got his licence and has been to a couple of your meets and speaks very highly of them.
  6. Nice choice! ;)
  7. Okay, so i've been too busy riding Delilah to post pics, but have taken some this afternoon and here we go...

    The last picture shows the comparison in size between Delilah and my brothers ZZR-250.

    Currently, it's stock, but have ordered Evotech frame and axle sliders (front & rear) and a tail tidy to get rid of that excess plastic on Delilah's rear. Over the next week or so i'll also take off the hideous windscreen, Delilah doesn't need all those excess "clothes" on her, why not show off her sexy frame?

    Looking at picking up some CNC bar-end mirrors as well, will get them over the next week or so as well as new levers and clip-on handlebars for a more aggressive seating position. If you guys can recommend good levers, I'd be appreciative!



  8. Are your bikes in jail mate? ;)
  9. I use a set of Pazzo folding levers and they feel great. Very easy to install as well but they are a tad pricey.
  10. just received some asv levers in the mail the other day.. $189 delivered from the US, easy install, look great, but took almost a month to arrive... however, very happy
  11. nice bike!! My son named my cruiser Delilah [when I had her] dont to say enjoy the ride, reckon your smile would be huge :)
  12. They sure are, and wouldn't have it any other way.
  13. Just his bike locked up now. Mine was taken to Manheim's yesterday to be sold for scrap ... Another bike soon though =]