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my dririder boot made a funny sound

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by ibast, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. So on my usually trip home yesterday I arrived at one of the more serious alert points along my route. This spot involves 3 lanes heading south, but the left lane must turn left. I won’t call this piece of planning stupid, but it is not representative of the traffic flow during the peak 4 hours of the day. The vast majority of traffic want to continue south, so those in the left lane must merge right.
    The result is an alert situation for us bikers.

    Yesterday I’d gotten into the middle lane a little earlier than usual. The traffic was doing about 30 and I was locked in. I was watching the ute on my left, because I knew there was a fair chance he wanted to get into my lane. I was sitting roughly in the centre of the lane giving me space all round.

    It’s then I notice movement in my right periphery vision. I turn my head to see Mr. phucknuckle merging on me from behind. I make as much room as I can and get on the horn. Mr phucknuckle is now making eye contact with me through the front windshield, but still coming.
    I was then my boot made a funny sound.

    That slowed him enough for me to get out of the way.

    Funny thing was I didn’t get worked up. I just did what was needed to be done and got out of there.
  2. I might be a bit dim but was it a sort of plastic/leather/rubber on front fender "clunk" sort of sound?

    Fun Ha!
  3. Come again?

    Unless your dririder has a mind of its own, sounds to me like you did get worked up. Why would you let a car get that close to you?
  4. So was it a 'clunk', 'thump' or 'crash/tinkle' sound?
  5. It was more of a clunk/thump.

    It certainly came at the right time and was very helpful.

    Thanks dri-rider.
  6. So the ute on the left didn't swing your way but it was the car on the right or behind you that was creeping your way?
  7. That's it! I'm gettin' me some of them motorcross boots with the big metal heel and toe piece. Not only perfect for supermoto, but they'd make a great 'bonk/screech' sound, too :grin:
  8. Yep. Right and behind. He came at me with clear vision of me and I wouldn't have called it creeping. More he tried to swing into my lane. Which is entirely inexplicable as most people already in the right are there because of right slip lanes further up. There is no reason to get left there.

    when my boot made the sound it was about level with his door.
  9. Sorry, that won't do. It has to be a clunk/thump sound...:cool:
  10. Wow, what an amazing coincidence. A friend of mine had a bicycle pump that made similar noises when he was a bicycle courier.
    Might be something for Mulder and Scully to investigate :cool:
  11. Well CLEARLY his shotgun was out of ammo, DUH!
  12. The guy came from behind. I was boxed in and my attention was the 4 cars in my immediate field of vision and those in front of me.
    The time from when this tool come into the picture to when he was threatening my well being was about 1-2 seconds.

    enough for me to use the room in my lane but that is all.

    And no I didn't get worked up. My reaction was an instinctual reaction to being left with no other alternative.
  13. I hear ya mate. With drivers in peak hour traffic leaving little more than 1 second gaps between vehicles, and insufficient room to safely lanesplit due to x+1 lanes being crammed into the space of x lanes, there are frequently situations where the safest (or perhaps only) course of action is to hold your ground. As you did.

    I might not have effectively conveyed these sentiments in my previous post ... mea culpa!
  14. You know the sad think is that even though he made eye contact with you, he probably still didn't 'see' you. Your boot making that involuntary noise must have woken him from his slumber.

    Although, maybe, just as a precaution, you should get you boots tested for tourettes.
  15. Did ya leave a dent?
    Oddly enough, when reading the story I imagined the car pulling into you as a taxi...

    On a side note, does anyone know why our favourite troll, camel salesman was banned??
  16. Reminds me of that famous Fred Gassit T shirt.."If you're not using it, you won't need it."

  17. i love australia.

    stories like this on my another, site adventure rider, have the bike rider getting a piece pulled on him as a result of that.

    thank god these arseholes are only armed with cars.....
  18. Not sure but I doubt it. It was probably barely hard enough to leave a mark that would buff out.
  19. Nice one. Was the vehicle in question either occupied by tradies or was a tradie ute etc? I find them to be the worst people on the road.

    I've come so close to doing this a number of times. My mate actually "made a noise" when I was on a ride with him. It was peak hour traffic and we were approaching a guy who was being a jerk to another cage - wouldn't allow it to do a legal merge and forced him out onto the grass while his passanger was hanging out the window abusing said cager. The driver then saw us splitting up the middle and flicked his cigarette but at my mate. My mate's aplinestars made a few funny sounds after that =D>
  20. yes thats exactly why I've never worked up the courage to do it myself. Anyone that tries to harm you with their car is probably nuts anyway.