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My Dream Accessories

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by dan, May 26, 2005.

  1. Some of these haven't been invented yet, and some may be on the market:

    Exhaust - I superquiet silencer so I don't wake the kiddies up in the morning, that, at the flick of a switch on the handlebars, turns into a growling monster for when I'm showing off. I mean trying to be audible to other road users.

    Handlebars Adjustable handlebar risers for switching to agressive sports/touring mode without tools.

    Windscreen A screen that rises and bubbles at your control, but looks good on a sports bike.

    Bluetooth bike helmetLike units you can get for cars, when your phone is near your helmet, you can answer calls using voice commands in your helmet. Weireless IPod adaptor as well, with handlebar mounted controls.

    Lean Angle Meter Displays an angle on a digital meter in the dash, so that you see (when you have straightened up of course) how sideways you got on the last corner - then next time try to break that record :LOL:

    Mono/Stoppie Angle Meter Same deal, different axis :LOL:

    BlackBox Recorder Tiny hi-res Front/Rear mounted cameras feed into a removable harddisk, and start recording when attached and ignition started. You then just remove the hard disk and review the footage if needed. (probably something similar out there for this)

    Bike Alert A small device attached to a bike that can broadcast (on a prearranged) digital frequceny, which will make the unit flash to all other riders in your group if there a rider spots a hazard in the area.

    Ultimate Helmet Carbon Fibre, Flip up - but you can't tell, rear view mirror system (these are out there), bluetooth, inbuilt hi-fi headphone plugs, where the cables retract into the helmet as you put it on (no loose wires)

    any others :D
  2. Motorcycle trailer and car to pull it.
  3. and as well

    Dog deflector
    Drongo sensor
    Polica/radar disabler, and, of course, at the top of the list
  4. I want a set of tyres that give ultimate grip no matter what the conditions and get 30 000km out of them as well.
    ok and now that I am really dreaming I want my bike with a 999R motor in it with the full suspension from the same bike as well.
  5. Exorcet missle launcher?
    Oil jets out rear to spray oil on road surface?
    Dual machine guns mounted on front?

    Something bigger than the CB250...:LOL:...:shock:..
  6. So we meet again Mr Bond, let me tell you my fiendish plan and then leave the room as my automated robots of death deliver you to a sticky end...Mwahahahahha!

    I was talking to Steve the other day and he was talking quite seriously about installing a virtual HUD on his bike. Wonder if he will do it.
  7. One that has a urinal .
  8. So now you want your bike to take the pi$s out of you too? :D

  9. hehehehe , ur an evil man young Jake.
  10. An espresso machine so I can have a latte on the move, and a wine chiller for my chardonnay.

    (Just reinforcing a couple of stereotypes in case any of the Ozrider guys are still hanging around... :LOL: )
  11. don't joke about that, I just saw a bloke on a scooter on Cavill ave with a late in his left hand... :roll: he had a 'custom chopppers' tshirt on too! :LOL: :LOL:
  12. I guess some of those 1%ers can be really nasty until they've had their first coffee of the morning! :LOL:
  13. This already exists....they are called chicken strips. :p
  14. when you get low as often as i do, it doesn't really scrub the tyres that much! :LOL:
  15. Good point! I want a fan mounted on the tank so I can blow my hair back in a wind-swept and interesting fashion while I sip my latte.

    An auto jeans-tucker-into-my-boots device would also be rather super! Also, I could really really use a video manual on how to be hard and tough so I can gain the respect and friendship of all those lovely folks over at ozbiker.

    Man, they are just so cool and all-knowing! They picked that I'm a pansy straight away without ever meeting me! WOW!

    It's nice that there is a "special" site for "special" people like them. Sort of like the "special" schools for the hard of thinking.
  16. Tyre warmers for track days.
  17. Tread carefully Deyago, some of the Ozbiker folks are still hanging around and attempting to make a serious contribution to our ramblings. You don't want to scare them off do you?
  18. Who really cares either way? :LOL:
  19. http://www.blueflameperformance.com/bike/news.asp
    "tuneable" systems with four noise levels.

    I had these on my Malvern Star, but then I tightened them up again.