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My dog jumping up on my bike

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by uncosnail, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. #1 uncosnail, Nov 13, 2010
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    Heres a video of my dog jumping up on my bike from different angles. Not the best quality, but you get the idea. I think the bike came up well. LOL :))

    My tank didn't get scratched either.

  2. haha cute =D>

    love dogs, we've always had german shepherds :p
  3. Very cute indeed. Although I'd be paranoid my big oafs would tip the bike over.
  4. I'm a bit worried that he's not wearing approved riding gear :LOL:
  5. Did you move from a Ninja 250 to a Gladius?
    LAMS -> LAMS

    What's the go there?

    Good dog by the way :)
  6. Love it!
    Amazing what you can get a pet to do through encouragement and reward!
    Hmm, something for the VicRoads/RTA's of the world to think about rather than the sledge hammer/speed message/points loss/hoon approach they only seem to use.

    Haksu, Gladius is available in both LAMS and non-LAMS versions.
    Large difference between the two.
  7. @jodelosa - Oh I didn't know that, cheers.
  8. #8 uncosnail, Nov 14, 2010
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    yep, have the non lams version. Was going to edit the food reward part out of the video, but then decided to keep it in.

    He weighs around 16kg. Warning do not attempt to do this with your German Shepherds, New Foundland, Saint Bernard, your bike may suffer as a result.

    No need to wear approved riding gear unless your actually riding the bike. LOL :)) Would never take him out on the bike, due to the risks involved. Wouldn't mind trying him out on a postie bike/agg bike on a farm though.

    Here is another one of his great tricks. Bad video quality though.
  9. Very cool.

    I especially like the quoits vid!
  10. me too

    "Filmed in Australia by Reluctant Husband" lol
  11. awwww!!..... doggies are cool!! he did a very good job at stopping right at the correct point =D>

    We used to have a land cruiser (Troop Carrier)... I was walking my girl one morning and a National Parks truck was stoped at a gate with the door open, engine still running.... and she just took off and lept up into the passanger side and sat there!!...8-[... er... she wouldnt get out ...:-s

    Hope your boy doesnt go randon bike jumping!....:p
  12. #12 uncosnail, Nov 15, 2010
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    With getting Moses to stop at the top of the bike, took a bit of practice. At the start, I think he thought he was doing agility, he ran jumped on top and then jumped off. So found out that by giving him his reward on top of the bike, caused him to stop there.

    Here I taught him to pick someone's pocket.

    In this one, he goes out and gets my other dog and brings him back by the lead.

    Here he is starring in a slurpee add.
  13. #13 devochka, Nov 15, 2010
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  14. I know it was some sort of competition. I got paid quite well for that, it was a whole day of filming. Bit embarrassing when the dog earns more than I do. The actors had to audition for it, but without the dog, they said they felt really stupid. The house was also used for the day, there was a catering unit and the whole works. In the shot where the dog reverses through the actors legs, they are actually my legs, I had to swap clothes with the actor, because he wasn't able to give the proper hand signals to get the dog to reverse through his legs.
  15. Cute as!!.... love the retrieving of the other dog by the lead!!... =D>
  16. They broke your fence! ;)

    Well there you go...wouldn't have thought learning hand signals would have been that hard.
  17. #17 uncosnail, Nov 16, 2010
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    Actually not my fence and not a real fence. It was made up for the add. My dog is actually jumping through a hole in the fence. Then there is a lady that pulls this piece of fence away at the last second, so the dog can jump through the hole.

    It is a little hard for an actor to act and also hand signal the dog at the same time and move his legs at the right time etc. Also for the dog to be confident enough to reverse through someone elses legs. In the add Moses didn't like the slurpee, so we put chicken chunkers into the cup to get him to drink out of the cup.

    Here is another of where he goes out and takes my husbands sock off his foot.
  18. #18 AznCruiser, Nov 17, 2010
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    All well and good, now train your cat [-([-(
  19. I have got to say after watching those most of the vids that Moses is a really really smart dog. and he is cute as too
  20. Cute as! I trick train my miniature horses too. Animals are super smart, smarter than us humans give them credit for.