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My dog ate my motorcycle gloves!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by magin, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. So I went home to visit the family in Newcastle, and their labrador pup chewed one of the fingertips and one thumb-tip off my Alpinestars 365 gloves! Yes, very foolish mistake on my part, of course a dog is going to do that, and at least it wasn't my jacket. I honestly thought I had left them on a table that he couldn't get to, but somehow it happened.

    I'm thinking that replacement is probably needed, but has anybody taken the glove to a cobbler or similar and had them repair gloves like this?

    If I do need to replace the gloves, should I just go out and order the same ones? I really liked the gloves, but they are pricey. The little finger is borderline too short as well, although they did wear in nicely. I haven't tried on many gloves at all, and the only other pair I own are mesh "5" ones

  2. Leather repairer could fix them but they'd need to be expensive to make it worthwhile. (And yes, I see they are pricey).

    That would be an ex-dog if it were mine.

    edit. I notice they are advertised as goretex lined - you won't get that fixed easily.
  3. <shameless plug>I'm selling some slightly used RST waterproof-lined gloves in the classifieds section</shameless plug>

    And personally I wouldn't get them repaired... structural integrity is important to me in my gear, and I think I'd be nervous after something like that happened. I like my fingers.
  4. Thanks for the fast replies! I can't get too cranky at the dog, puppies are silly and don't know any better. I knew the goretex wouldn't be able to be repaired, but they would still make good gloves even if they weren't waterproof. I will just replace them, but in the mean time I will have to ride around with two finger tips missing!
  5. send a pm to Takamii, he sells top quality gloves, see what he's got in stock, normally sell fast due to poularity and price, but worth a go
  6. What size do you take in Alpinestars Magin?

    I bought a pair of Alpinestars SP-2, the new 2012 model only last week. Bought them in a rush and didn't realise they don't fit. Have only wore them once. I live in Newcastle if you are interested. They are a size XL. I have paid to become a member on here but it hasn't gone through yet, hence I haven't put them up for sale.
  7. I lol hard at you. My dog, a farking labrador too, who is 4year old and still acts like a pup just took a liking to my rhok gloves! Now I cant make a pair of gloves last past 6 months as a daily commuter, but the rhok gloves were holding up really well. Carn of a dog, but alas, the rhok gloves won, the dog only managed to get his teeth through a small section of the cuff part of the glove!! Kevlar 1, Dog 0.
  8. Medium gloves... so sorry mate
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  9. I have a cheap winter/waterproof glove now, works well and is well built......... BUT I dont like the fluffy loss of feeling of winter/waterproof gloves.

    My next glove will be a Knox Zero Outdry, its slightly cheaper than your current glove (fleabay prices), should be better in the wet, has all the protections and palm sliders of dry weather gloves, and still gives you the all important feel of a dry weather glove...........
  10. ...Severely mid-leading heading (cut short on the viewing list)... "My dog ate my motorcycle!"....

    :eek: ... was expecting some motorcycle carnage and a HUGE farking dog!.... [-(
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  11. I'd be replacing too. Not worth my hassle or time to try and get them repaired, and it would be a good learning experience to keep things out of reach of curious chompers. ;)
  12. be good to the dog and gift wrap your current glove.............present it as a chew toy :)
  13. Hahaha ditto
  14. Nah, teaches the dog that it's OK to chew your gloves. They can't distinguish btw what they're allowed to chew and what they're not.
  15. it's worse than that.
    the dog learns as an impressionable puppy to attack your scent haha
    future family visits may result in getting chewed on further.