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My dirty secret.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by munecito, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. Ok I have to confess my sins. As of today I am a professional motorcycle rider (as I like to call it) or a postie (as everyone else will call it). The days seem to be busy but you finish early and get to enjoy the afternoon, the weekends, the publc holidays, etc.

    Pay at the moment kind of sucks but I am being trained to be a relief so that means good money compared to a normal postie.

    I get to ride the powerful CT110, improve my slow manoeuvres skills, and get paid for all that practice. I won't even need to pay for fuel. How wicked is that?

    Anyway. I can now say that I am Casey Stoner's colleague as we both get paid for riding.

  2. Congrats Will

    Of course once they figure out how quickly you'll be wearing out tyres howling round the corners, they might regret hiring you :LOL:.
  3. pecking order amongst paid motorcyclists in my opinion:

    1. GP racers
    2. SB racers
    3. moto X
    4. courier riders
    5. posties
    6. pizza delivery riders

    4. takes the most patience as it can be extremely frustrating
    6. means lots of free( but crappy ) food
    5. no frustration involved ( except sorting the mail before you start )
    1 & 2. pit lane girls, 350 km/h bikes, million $+ salaries but you need balls of steel
    3. gnarly stunts but you end up covered in tattoos and piercings due to obligatory fashion
  4. Evel if you live in Manly Vale or Balgowlah I may be delivering your letters. Don't mess with the man that has the letters or your registration papers will get mixed. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  5. Where were scooter pigs? :shock:
  6. Good come back. :LOL:
  7. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    The description's brilliant and the "question and answers" had me in stitches. :LOL:

    Oh, and congrats on the career move munecito.

    I almost took on a side job of delivering the Sunday papers from my local newsagent only because they supplied a postie bike for the run. Common sense prevailed as I couldn't justify to myself on getting up at 4am on a Sunday just to ride one.
  8. I saw an old postie the other day with a diry big white beard doing the rounds. The bastard was dragging the mail bags through every corner :LOL:

    If i wasn't on foot (susp'd license) i'd have given him the nod :p
  9. Another great day at work!

    I finished at 2:18pm and was free to come home.

    The more I think about it the more I believe this is like being on the MotoGP.

    They have time to beat. We have to do the beats on time.

    As Casey Stoner is I am also sponsored by Nolan, because I also get free helmets and they have my own personal design. Too bad that the desing is just plain white. Minimalist design. Less is more.

    They get their riding gear for free, so do I.

    They have to race even under the rain, so do I.

    Today I accidentally broke my sunglasses and I just walked in and got a new pair, no questions asked.

    I am really enjoying my time at AsutPost. Politics aside it is a great place to work.

  10. if u dont mind me asking, but whats your take home pay (nett)
    if u do mind me asking, then how much money could u spend in a week after you get paid till your broke again? :grin:
  11. niceee how did you get that job? im sure that job is secured! haha
  12. I spent 2 years as a postie, most of that time as a relief, used to love getting the bike sideways motocross style in the wet.

    UDLOSE normally the pegs drag before the panniers will, not hard to do on the ct.
  13. Not as much as the MotoGp riders.

    I get paid fortnightly.

    As a relief you get about $22/hr there s a 4% increase coming in August. Plus all the overtime (at least one hour a day so 1.5 for the first three extra hours of the week and double thereafter) and once you do an hour you also get paid the meal allowance wich is another $15.

    And I can spend more than in my last job because I don't commute to the city, so no toll, one petrol tank every week and a half or two weeks, less services for my bike because I am not putting 450-500 a week on it, uniforms are provided, etc. So after all the expenses that I had when I was working at the theatre I had less money to spend after pay day.

    Another similarity with MotoGP riders is that I also get the bikes, and if one breaks down they give me another one and they change them every couple of years too!!! LOL

    It was advertised in seek.com and I send an application when I decided I didn't want to stay in the theatre working nights and weekends.

  14. and whats the postie trick for ankle biting dogs with rabies and old grannies that stand at the gate with muffins??

    also how many children do u think u would have now? :LOL:
  15. It all sounds good. Wish I could work close to home rather than commute to the city. Sigh* one day. :cool:

    Good work getting the job.
  16. not a job i could ever apply for.

    I'd get too much crap because of my first name
  17. Not Pat by any chance? :cool:
  18. Crap because of your name?

    Try this for a change:

    1 Be born in a Spanish speaking country so you have an accent.

    2 Have parents that name you Willmer and then move to Australia. Therefore letting the australian accent do its job so you end up being called Wilma like the one on the Flinstones.

    3 Have a middle name that only make matters worse ie: Alexis, yes like Alexis Carrington of Dinasty.

    And then carry those names to every workplace, bank, goverment office, etc.

    Talk to me about having first names that make you get crap.


    PS: At least I get a few birds talking about my name because the actor that plays Fes in that 70's show is named Wilmer. Surprise surprise he is Venezuelan too. But at least the american accent make it sound different from Wilma.

    PPS: I don't have the trick for dogs or grannies. I want to get it specially for the later as I have to deliver to two retirement villages and they wait for the postman and surround you asking for their letter and talking ramdon subjects. I still don't think I would have had many children yet even if I had been working normal hours.

    PPPS: Dang! I confessed my other dirty secret.
  19. Good one Will

    I worked as a postie until last year down in Hobart
    ever got to deliver in Snow :shock:

    Dogs?? well a boot sometimes works and I had one little foxie confused when I just kept growling back at it and everywhere it moved I did too and growled at it
    must have looked hillarious
    wheelies are easy once you get the knack and be careful doing them over speedhumps as it can kick your panniers out :LOL:
    and yes sideways action is also a giggle moment on theses little bikes.

    damn.....just realised how much I miss it :cry: