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My Dilemma!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by MrtypeR, Jun 16, 2009.

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  1. Hey Guys... thought i'd get some opinions on what i should do or what my rights are here....

    Me and a mate bought 2 brand new Hyosungs 250R's from PS in october last year.

    Anyways on the weekend was washing the bike and i noticed my compliance plate had a build date of 09/07!!! i was like WTF!! even though its a "2008 Model" it was built in 07!

    My mates bike was 06/08 so hes fine!... i cant believe they sold me a 07 compliance bike without even telling me!

    Not sure what i should do.... was thinking of going back there and asking to be reimbused an amount because its not fair... if i was to sell it or trade it in.. technically its an 07 build!! I've done 3500 km's on it so far


  2. nothing you can do unless it is on your contract that states
    2008 build and compliance bike(s) to be supplied
    your bike was 2008 complianced i presume?
    always state build and compliance when purchasing,
    i got $4000 off the best price of a car i negotiated (it was pretty cheap already) because the dealer could only supply me a year older car
  3. I had a ZX-2R (ZXR-250) which was an 89 model, but was built in 88. I guess if they advertised it it as 08 you should probably give them a ring and find out what the deal is, as there are lots of little traps when it comes to build dates and compliance dates. Is there any updated difference between the the 07 bikes and the 08, or more importantly, between the the date you bought yours and your friend bought his (Assuming an equal price of the two) If there wasn't any updates then I guess it really doesn't matter that much does it, as your essentially getting the same machine??

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  4. no there are no updates (im aware of) between 07 and 08 but the point is me and my mate went in there to buy 2 new bikes.... why was i given an 07 stock bike!....

    if i went to trade it in for example on a new bike it gets valued on a 07 price which would be less than an 08 model!...

    if it was 07 stock they should have told me up front and asked if i wanted that or an 08 compliance bike!... i just think they did a shifty! not happy bout it!
  5. I can't see this being a problem unless the warranty only applies from the build date rather than the complianced/registered date.

    From what I understand you WILL need the warranty! :LOL: It's a Hyosung so your point about resale value is moot anyway.

    Buyer beware.
  6. there is a huge thread on this topic somewhere on this site, had a lot of input about what could or couldn't be done....i believe if i remember correctly unless the papers say it's a build and comp of 08 nothing you can do, though i could be completely wrong might be worth a search though :)
  7. warranty starts from the 1st day of registration
  8. Some manufactures have the "new model year" starting in August/Sept the previous year.
  9. I think at this point about all you can do is chalk it up to experience.
  10. I think this partly so the have enough stock for dealers when they start offically selling them.
    Also for warrenty replacements etc.

    Correct me if wrong on this
  11. +1
    Happens in the car industry also, rego label may state 2009, but build date could be early 08. Just the way things work :roll:
  12. there will be no difference in the 2 bikes what so ever apart from that 1 number, they will both blow up in the long run :LOL:
  13. How could you not notice before this, as far as I recall rego requires build date, Insurance definitely does.
    As for insurance, your bike should have been covered for a lower valuation than your mates.
    To me it's a dirty trick but legal (old stock dumping, commonplace in the motor trade).
    Bugger all you can do about it except chalking it up to experience.
    Cravat emptor
  14. Unfortunately the dealer was misleading you by the sounds of things and unless its in the contract you can't do anything except rat on the dealer and tell everyone you know how dodgy the dealer is unless they reimburse you.
  15. First of all, what's written next to "model & year" on your contracts? I think you both might have an MY08 bike. Around the time you purchased there was a runout on MY08 bikes. I remember being offered the option of the last three remaining MY08 bikes (one black one built in 2007 and two - one red and the other yellow - built in 2008). Unless you were meant to get an MY09 bike and paid the MY09 price (which was a bit more) then you will be struggling to get anything.

    When "we" ordered two bikes at the beginning of November, MY09 models were specifically asked for. PS told me/us about the runout and differentiated between the MY08 and MY09 with a price difference.

    You can't assume you'll get a 2008 build bike if you buy it in 2008. You have to specifically ask for it to ensure it.
  16. Yep some go off financial year so anything built after july this year is considered a 2010 model.
  17. All in all, it was a brand new bike with the build design of the 2008 model.

    I don't see any reason for there to be any difference between yours and your friends.

    Be happy with it or if you can't handle it then go get another bike
  18. look dont get me wrong its a great bike and i love it... but the issue here is i was never told that i would be getting a 07 build bike!!... it didnt even occur to me at the time considering we both bought the bikes together in October 2008!!!... i can undertsand if it was jan or feb 08... but October... come on!!!

    insurance and what not was all done through the dealer so it was nothing i ever really needed to pay attention to!

    The problem is that if i was to go trade it in or sell it... "technically" its a 2007 model even though its a MY08 bike... so (as in the motor car industry) they must go on the value of the bike for 2007 and not 2008 which in effect would be a lesser value!

    im definitely going past PS on the weekend and complain about it!... it should have been made aware upfront that i was to receive a 07 build bike!

    and in fact another mate 3 weeks later bought the same bike from them and he just checked his compliance and its 09/07 too!!! He too is not happy at all!!! The dealer smells like a dirty rat if you ask me!!!

    They really should be reimbursing me some monetory value!!
  19. Just ride and enjoy the damn thing...it's an 08 model that was built in 07, it's not the end of the world.... it will make sweet fcuk all difference in resale value anyway....

    I could understand you being pissed off it you had paid for a brand new bike and you got a used one, a damaged one, etc...but you got what you paid for an 08 model...it was just manufactured in 07 if they waited till Jan 1st 08 to start building bikes the manufacturer would lose a quarters production due to shipping, manufacturing delays etc...

    Like I said just ride the damn thing life to short to be worrying about petty things like build dates

  20. I suspect the dealership did not consciously 'pull a fast one': they saw both your and your friend's bikes as being model year 08 bikes, just the same as one another, and probably didn't even look at the build dates, which are basically irrelevant. You seem the be imagining them cackling to themselves 'we got him!', but it's not like that at all.

    I guess it was a surprise to you, but honestly, it really, really does not matter at all in any substantive way. And no, it will not be valued as 2007 model year if it is 2008 model year - as has been explained, the new model starts being built in the preceding year, which only makes sense: can't start building 2008 bikes on January 1 2008 in Korea and still have them in Australian shops on January 1...
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