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My Dilemma, 6 bikes to choose from...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by devonuto, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Honda CBR600RR

  2. Honda CBR1000RR or CBR954RR

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  3. Suzuki GSX-R600

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  4. Suzuki GSX-R1000

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  5. Yamaha R6

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  6. Yamaha R1

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  1. I'm coming off my P's soon and looking to upgrade from my CBR250RR, but am undecided what bike I should go for.

    After hours of reading and internet research I have narrowed it down to 3 bikes, in two different classes and I'm stuck.

    The bikes I'm looking at are in the 3-4 year old range:
    Yamaha R6/Yamaha R1

    To give you a bit of an idea I have about 15 months road experience now, with a little over 10 years of dirt/paddock experience (not constant). I weigh a little over 90kegs and for this reason is why I'm undecided on whether I should shoot for a 6 or all the way for a litre bike.

    Basically I don't want to get a bike that I think is fast enough/torquey enough, only to find in 6 months time I've outgrown it.

    Any ideas/suggestions... baring in mind I am yet to test ride any of these bikes, all I have to go on is what I have read, and reviewers opinions.

    Ps: I'm leaning more towards the Honda & Suzuki...
  2. GSXR750 maybe?
  3. They're all good bikes.

    IMO stick with the Honda and go the 1ltr for the reasons you suggested. It may be a bit scary initially but that will make you respect the power more if it hasn't physically damaged prior. I am biased of course :cool:

    There is much debate about experience and the 1k bikes with both sides having viable arguments. It all depends on experience and the type of person you are - cautious and level headed or speed demon and short fused - with the latter being a road barrier to you reaching your pension.

    Will you be using it every day or just on rides??

    Good luck
  4. Here's a slightly different way of thinking of it...

    If you go the litre then you'll be able to commute or get from A to B (then to Z) without having to urge the bike to go faster; for example keeping the rev's up to keep it moving quickly. It's this lazy power that makes riding a litre bike a very pleasurable but oddly sedate experience. By the same token when you DO crack the throttle open they really do move.

    On the other hand, riding a 600 i'd say is far more an engaging and active thing. If you want to move quickly you have to put a bit of thought and effort into it - and it really is rewarding when you do put the effort in, but then there's that effort thing.

    90kg isn't too much weight for a 600cc bike, but by the same token your certainly no featherweight. I ended up taking what i consider to be the halfway point between those two options (and no not a 750). I went with an older litre bike. It's got big enough kahuna's that it's still got the lazy power but it doesn't quite have the same top end adrenaline rush that the newer litre's have. That said, it still puts down ~115 hp to the rear wheel (dyno'd, not mythical BS figure produced by the manufacturers).

    Keep your options open a little more.
    If you do like the Suzuki's, go have a serious look at the GSXR750.
  5. ride them and find out which one suits you best.
  6. 1000RR ftw

    man i wish i had money and had to ask myself which of these nice bikes i'd like to park in the garage :p
  7. go the gixer...
    any will do
    :LOL: :LOL:
  8. I ride every day to and from work, which is about a 40k round trip... will also use the bike for the odd stint down to the coast, so I'm really after something I can be happy cruising the highways on too.

    Being nearly 27, I'm probably a lot more sedate than I was a few years back when I first started out riding, but I do like the odd squirt around a corner or two from time to time.

    Main reason I was looking at the 600's is because I like the sound of their manoeuvrability compared to the bigger bikes, but was a bit concerned as to how they would go travelling. But in saying that, I'm guessing they won't be as bad as my current 250... screaming it's tits off all the time.

    I guess I'm just going to have to get out there and take each one for a decent length ride to really see for myself, but I was just keen to see what the general consensus was on the matter.
  9. why no kwakkas?

    and just ride them, you wont know jack about what you REALLY want till you've thrown the leg over....

    600s are no worse on a commute/tour than a thou, and yeah, everythings better than a 250 :LOL:
  10. R6 all the way. But of course it's all up to YOU. You shouldnt let us tell you what you want. Go for a few test rides and i'm sure you will see the yamaha is superior ;)
  11. Dunno, just never been a fan, plus they're fluoro green...

    I just can't wait to get out there and start test riding.
  12. I voted the gixxer but I would have the Kwaka ZX-R10 on top of that list!
  13. I dont think any full sports bike is going to be all that comfy until you get used to it. Last time the 12 went in for a service they gave me an 05 zx10 for a loaner and let me tell you, i was so wrapped to get the 12 back. But i am sure with more riding on it and weekly chiro visits i would have become used to it.. :grin: Anyway my choice out of your list would be the blade, but go check out the kwaka's as well.. Good luck and have fun..
  14. what about a xvs650 now that's a nice bike!!!
  15. It's a cruiser... not really what I'm after.

    I would like to go on track days from time to time also. Main reason for wanting a full sports bike.
  16. GSXR (either size) is by far the most comfortable (I haven't tried the new R6 or 1000rr yet though, but 954 made me very sore!).

    I'd base my decision on that alone. The gixer 6 is a very user friendly bike, and althought it doesn't quite have the rush of the other 600's up top (still has plenty), the slightly better midrange makes it more usable I reckon.

    Personally I'd take the GSXR 750, looks horn in the 06 colours, sweet pipe, best balance of handling and power (plenty!).
  17. Thanks for all the advice, I may have to add the Gixer 750 to my list too.

    Had a look on www.bikesales.com.au and found a couple nice looking ones in Canberra already, so I'll definitely keep an eye out for them.
  18. If you dont ride a kwaka u will be missing out :grin: take a zx9 for a ride then decied, and there not all green :LOL:
  19. A 20km ride each way in canberra traffic leads me to think that the litre bike might be OK.

    I ride about 65kms each way and in Melbourne peak traffic a litre bike would be too much for me, plus being a sports bike I would have sore wrists in about 5 minutes.

    mmmm probably at the end of the day I would go with the R6.

    1: Fuel consuption I am assuming would be better
    2: A 650 well ridden would be lots of fun

    Ride them and let us know your thoughts.
  20. Canberra traffic is pretty good. I usually start work at 7:30am as well, so the roads are near deserted, and the trip takes me about 25 minutes from my door to my desk... so there's a bit of walking involved in that time.

    So far I haven't seemed to suffer from sore wrists, I just rest the ol' gut on the tank to relieve wrist pressure... seems to do the trick.

    I definitely will... have quite a long to-do list now. Only have to wait until my P's run out.