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My Dilema: what to do with my bike, have a job offer

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jazzthechef, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. Well ive been offered a job in townsville on a mine so will be half moving up there from melb. And i currently have no bike due to mechanicall issues and was contemplating buying a bike up there. I have a place to stay up there with a garage and my girlfriend is stayin in our house down here to finish her studys so i will be up and down on days off. should i change my license and everything to up there? im on my ps so what does that translate to up there? or should i buy a bike down here and ride up or freight? cost? would i be covered by insurance up there? ahh my head feels like its gonna explode. any advice would be wonderful,

  2. What's up with the Spada?, apart from being awesome :)

    Are you still on L/P's?, if so, it may be best to hold out until you can get your full/license bike

    Congrats on the job :grin:

    Ahh yes still on Ps, try and hold out for the next bike, another lams will only be wasted money if you intend to get something later
  3. my spada died. so should i get a bike down here or up there? i still have 11 months to go on my ps
  4. can you sell or fix your spada? or its it completely out of the question, and you basically have 0 bike?

    depends how much time you're spending up there etc. lik i think the roads would be better down here, so you should ride down here. plus with the missus here, you want to spend time with her (i assume :LOL:) so rather than work up there, and play as well, simply work up there, and come home to play and see the missus. when you're not out on the bike, you can see her.

    both the bike and her are happy then :p

    RE: licence - you are fine to ride up there on your Ls or Ps. you must obey your own licencing conditions no matter what state you are in i believe. thus you're fine on a VIC LAMS bike up there, and you dont need a full licenced ridier with you if you're on your Ls, i think they have that odd rule in Qld. but you must still obey the Qld Road Rules, like Melb has hook turns, if u were a Qlder comnig down here, you'd have to obey that. i dont know of any specific Qld Road Rules that we dont have down here.

    enjoy the new job! :)
  5. Its a tuff decision, i have a job lined up in April if i want it, its in W.A, so il be there for a few months if i decide to go, so my bike will have to go, i dont like the idea of letting it sit for 4-6 months unriden, waste of rego, blah blah. Best to sell.

    Good Luck with what you decide. 11 months is still a long time on your P's, so waiting till off restrictions may not be a good idea because you wont have great experience under your belt.
  6. No LAMS in QLD, so you want to keep your Vic license if you can.

    I think +1 on keeping the bike in Melbourne if you can afford the regulare travel, or it gets paid for, and if you have public or company transport in Townsville. Otherwise, grab a bike to keep in Townsville by all means.
  7. thanks for your advice. i have come to the following conclusion. sell my spada, buy a bike in townsville, so that way i have transportation up there and i plan on coming down every second week or so but cause of limited quality time i doubt ill be able to get much riding done, plus ill have my skyline down here which need some loving. sound alright? add that most likely ill be staying wit my mum whilst on days off up there i cant do the school run with a bike. he he. also the job has on site accommodation so any tips on what do to with the bike if leaving it for two week lots?

    if i buy a bike up there should i change my license? or not? but then i could have rego/insurance hassles?
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  9. can u register a bike in qld with an outer state licence?
  10. contact VicRoads i think. or the Qld version of it.
    if you purchase a bike up there, i still think you will be fine to ride a LAMS bike, as your Vic licence includes LAMS.
    if you choose to apply for a Qld licence, you will not be able to ride a LAMS bike.
    rego simply means the bike is fit for the road any paid for, its irrelevant who rides a bike, as lnog as it has rego.
    insurance, will vary depending on your licence.
    if you keep a vic licence, and get a LAMS bike, you will be fine up there, as you are riding within your licence restrictions.
    if you get a Qld licence, and a LAMS bike, you wont be covered by insurance.

    so keep the Vic licence, it keeps your options open.
    storage, i'd securely store the bike, say at ur mum's place, with a disc lock minimum, possibly a large chain or something, and have a cover to keep it clean/weatherproof.
    2 weeks is fine for everything to si there, fuel etc.
    turn fuel tap to "off" if you're paranoid.

    but yeah contact VicRoads/Qld's RTA, see what they say RE your licence etc
  11. keep licence, rego, everything Victoria...because of TAC insurance included in Vic rego...they don't have no TAC up there...but if bike registered in Vic you are still covered when riding in other states, should you be unfortunate enough to have an accident
  12. What's wrong with two bikes? One here and one there!
  13. +1 On what Hank says.
    I'm pretty sure you can have/keep the Vic licence as long as you are only in QLD temporarily. I think you can have a non-Vic regod bike in your name as long as it is 'normally garaged' in the state its regod in, gives you some leeway. I'd check on the LAMS issue with the relevant authorities if you buy a QLD bike.
  14. LAMS in QLD is great news for my Mrs.
  15. As has been pointed out, extra cover provided by the TAC is the advantage Victorians have over Queenslanders.

    You can have a Vic licence and have your vehicle registered in Qld. I had it the opposite way around until recently. You are supposed to get your licence changed to the other state once your current one expires but it isn't something that would be policed or you'd get into trouble for if you decided to stay with a Vic licence considering you'd be in Qld temporarily.

    Queensland Transport is who you'd have to talk to in Qld (VicRoads equivalent) if you have further questions about your licence etc.
  16. Ok first of all, there are really no good places to ride in Townsville unless you like doing the same 20km strecth over and over agian. Compared to the roads you have in Vic you will be very dissappointed with what we have to offer. The best we have is a 4hr - 5hr ride to Cairns where you will do all the roads in about one day. If your planning on coming here in summer i doubt you will even leave the air-con room. The temp for the last week here has not got below 34 degrees. Winter is about the only time to ride.

    Bike prices here in NQ are a fair bit more than you pay down south, for example: people have brought brand new bikes from brisbane had them frieght to Townsville and still save $1k.

    I don't know how the vic licence works, but qld you have to hold a RE (250cc) licence for one year before you can go to the R (open) licence. If you change over to Qld you might be eligable to get you Open licence by doing Q-ride.

    I'm not saying don't buy a bike here or don't bring a bike with you, but i think it would be best to get here and check it out before making any plans.
  17. If you are caught with a Vic licence riding a Qld bike, then just tell the cops you live in Melbourne but work occasionally in Qld so you bought a bike to get around on up there. Happens a lot - I know someone who does just that. Just make sure you are contactable at the address on your Vic licence.