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My deus ex copy

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by pil, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. Liked the bikes they make but sure they are over priced for what they are i thought I might make my own. Here she is

  2. OK you're not getting away with that, bozo.

    I want information. Were's the engine from? the frame? the tank? How'd you go about building it?

    I must know all.

    You have my vote for coolest custom by a f*cking long way. Can we come see it when we go through NSW in a week and a half?
  3. Phil at Clipstone yamaha has one like that.

    looks cool
  4. You were talking about SRV250s a little while ago... But this is a single. What'd you end up going for?
  5. Thanks loz much appreciated. The bike is a tw200 yam that starts off life as a sort of dirt bike. All the things ya need to do to get it looking like that are just stripping the old original and putting on the new/vintage. Have a look at the deus ex site here in syd there is plenty stuff to see just the price is way over the top for something so striped down. On ya way through come look me up glad to show it off.

    Sorry for the short reply, working not meant to be playing. Pil
  6. (Loz starts to look sideways at the YZ100 in the garage... Then remembers it can't be road registered. Poo.)
  7. that's a SWEET custom job
    very impressive!
  8. Pil that is a beauty! I love what they do with bikes, thier Thruxton is to die for!

    So we need pics pleeeeeeze :grin: :grin:
  9. thought this topic was about dues ex the video game, im going wf is this doing on net rider o.0
  10. Lovely little bike :grin: .

    I've always had a soft spot for bare bones flat track styling. Bare bones styling in general actually.

    Like this.


    Just for those of you who think all American bikes are overweight garbage trucks.
  11. Nice bike Pil

    So no mods to swingarm? What size rear tyre?
  12. I like the look of the long swing arm but it handles like pig. I love the look of flat track bikes just real minimal only the essentials. The bike handles really well much better than I was expecting so much so I think Im gonna sell my sv650 and just ride the little bugger for a while. Will do a proper write up in the next day or 2 when the weather isnt as nice as it is today. Just finished putting on a taller rear sprocket so it cruises a little better, now for the test ride. Paul
  13. That thing looks great! I'd love to get my hands on a TW200 and convert it to look like that, but there aren't many of the little things around! Did you get that one new or second hand? I'd love some more details on what's been done to it.
  14. Ok so here is a litlle list of the things I did to the little monster. The tank is off a vintage xl100, had to make a new tank mount and cut the frame mounts a little to allow the tank to fit. The header is of a ttr250, the muff is imported from indo on my trip there (fake but really good quality). The seat is made by me for me but will need a bit of work as its a little hard. The elec under tray was made by me also to house all the elect stuff that came out of the original air box/batt box. The new air filter is a standard filter that pushes straight onto the factory rubber mount. The front and rear guards are from a ducati pantah 500 that were sand blasted by me then painted in my garage with a finishing gun. The header is suported in the middle by a stainless bracket the I made up just to stop any mid range vibes that in the end might crack the header at the exhaust port. The indicators come of a xr250 and the headlight is a old second hand stanley. The mount for the headlight is made from a peice of ally cut to allow the blinkers too. The idiot lights ( turn high neutral ) are all led with a housing made from some more stainless I had. The bars are unfortunatly from deus ex because I couldnt find what I wanted anywhere else so I had to bite my tounge and pay even though I know they are ripping everyone off blinde for their products, grips too. After riding the bike for a few weeks I had to spring for a new rear sprocket to make it better for street riding, down from 45 to 42 but I think because of the internal gearing you could even get away with 40 if ya not to heavy. All the stuff done to the bike can be bought from overseas with straight bolt on parts because they are such a cult bike in japan but you will pay a pretty heavy price, or you can get the parts straight from deus and pay an even greater mark up, me Im a cheap bastard so I made it all my self. It may not be a polished as the deus bikes but I can say it is really built by me not just bolted back together from aftermarket parts. I cant think of anything else at the moment but if ya have any qusetions just pm me I should get back to ya. Pil
  15. Thanks for the write up

    What about a pic from the front and of your custom dash :cool:
  16. That's a fantastic looking bike. More pics please.
  17. Yeah, more pics would be great! Do you have a rough idea of how much you've spent on it? Did you get the TW200 new, or 'rescued' from a farm or something?
  18. Hi Phil - just joined up and notice you have a similar bike... I went the expensive route and got mine from Deus. I wouldn't know where to begin if I got my hands dirty. Hats off to you mate, our bikes are pratically identical style wise! I'm on the north shore too so will look out for you - I'm sure we'll bump into each other one of these days! (Got a surfboard rack on mine - can't miss me!) :LOL:
  19. indeed, hats off to you mate. terrific build. i really wish i took the opportunity to do more metal work at high school, oh well.

    enjoy it!
  20. [​IMG]

    recent pic just with longer swing arm. Pil