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My daytona experience

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by spazzy, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. G'day guys.

    Time came for me to further my riding career so i got myself a Daytona 675. Something different. something exotic and something sexy.

    So far i am not regretting it. It sounds awesome, looks awesome and handles awesome (most of the time anyway).

    So far i have covered 1700kms so it has just been 'run-in'. And boy it was exciting running it in. The thing shat all over the 250 (hyosung) and i was using about 20% of its power. maybe less.
    conclusion: shes not short of power.

    The ride ergos and comfort wasn't as bad as i had expected. Im 180cm and found the bike to be just right. I can sit in a neutral position and with enough room to move around the bike and plenty to space to shift my butt back and tuck in. I did notice that i was sitting quite high up and felt extremely weird the first few times. It felt as though i was sitting on top of the bike instead of within it, which is not very confidence inspiring until you get used to it. Also she is a very narrow bike and compact bike. I commute daily with her and i can fit through gaps that the old 250 couldn't fit through.
    conclusion: different but comfy. bloody slim figure

    I read reviews about the bike and everyone seemed to say the seat was tough as rocks. But i kinda like it. reminds me that i am on a sports bike and should be concentrating. :)
    conclusion: doesn't bother me

    One thing i don't really like about the bike but have learned to deal with is the amount of heat that this bike generates especially with the pipe running next to your right leg. Never get stuck in traffic on this bike or you will be treated to a nice sauna. since getting the bike i've put a jardine exhaust on it and a new map. i don't know if it actually does help but it feels like the new exhaust has reduced the amount of heat generated next to the right leg. and saved a huge amount of weight.
    The noise is AWESOME.
    conclusion: HORN-nee

    To give the suspension a good test i took it to yarra boulevard for a good fanging. BUT discovered the stock suspension set up to be somewhat stiff. now I'm no expert, but i felt all the bumps on the road coming up the front and rear, which was making me a bit nervous during cornering and the bike felt a little unsettled. BUT, the suspension is fully adjustable so i will play with them until i find something to solve this. but after saying this. when you do find a nice bit of smooth road the bike handles beautifully. I think the faster you ride it the better it performs.
    conclusion: the bike is beyond my current riding abilities.

    Tyres! ohhh i like the tyres when the weather is DRY. Once you get the tyres up to temperature they wont let you down. Excellent grip and feeling. BUT when its WET, they become next to useless. no feeling no confidence. bad. will probably change to a set of michelin pilots when I'm done with these.
    conclusion: fun in the right conditions.

    all i can say is i love it! love it! and i'll kills you if you touch it. LOL.

    thank you and sorry about the long post.


  2. Pirelli Diablo Rosso's. They're the tyre that the bike should be fitted with.
  3. congratulations on the purchase mate! they really are something else arent they!
  4. +1. Beautiful tyre, heats up quickly and great in the wet. What model Pirelli do they come with stock FLUX?

    Glad to see you finally got rid of the POS Hyoflung Spazz :p
  5. you have the exact bike I want to upgrade too! Good to hear all that you've said, I will bare it all in mind :)
  6. mine came with Pirelli Supercorsa Pros. i think thats what they all come with.

    Flux are the Diablos much more expensive than the Supercorsas? I'll definately be looking around when it comes time to time to changing them over, rather than just 'replacing' them.
  7. Yes! they are quite unique. I didn't want to be in the club "BIG 4" or club "JAPAN" even though they are reliable. Club trumpy rules!!!

    Thanks Dougz always nice to gain your approval :grin:
    It is now my turn to give shit to people who ride little bikes!! BWAHAHAHAH... jks jks. :p

    no problem, thanks for reading.

    i am also interested in the price difference between the two and then compare it with the michelins. a lot of people i've met say the michelins are bloody good. too bad they are suckking so bad in motoGP.

    but i've still got plenty of chicken strips to tear off :grin:
  8. You might have a look at exhaust tape,you wet it and wrap the exhaust with it and hold it on with a big hose clamp,did it on my Husky to stop the plastic sidecovers melting.It looks a bit ropey but is very good at holding heat in the exhaust.
  9. I picked up my Diablo Rosso's for $480 fitted.

    I think you mean bear... Sounds rather kinky otherwise :wink:
  10. Thanks for the tip.