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My day's been ace, how about yours?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by van, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. Heck of a fine day, all things considered.

    Met up out at Knox for lunch n' a bonus smooch with my uberfine girly, absolutely nailed the sketch for my portfolio mascot, booked in my first tattoo for this Friday arvo, and downloaded some ace music (New York Dolls (featuring Steve Conte, known for his work on the Cowboy Bebop and Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex soundtracks - this will only be interesting to the geeks ;)), as well as the 3-issue miniseries of Serenity comics that Joss Whedon did for Dark Horse - another one for the geeks haha.

    Add to that, it's bloody gorgeous outside! Damn windy though, shootin' up the Burwood Hwy was a bit of a fright haha.

    So how was your day?
  2. Sat at home feeling a tad pissed off all day, lol
    Stitches come out tomorrow and I still can't bend my knee or flex my calf muscle, so looks like it'll be a while till i'm back at work - which only cheeses me off because i need to get back to earning $$'s to fix the bike so i can hop back on it!

    but i ate 2 meat pies, and they tasted yum :p

    gonna show us a photo of this girly, i mean sketch :LOL:

    yah, tis fairly windy. i could hear trees banging against my house before, heh
  3. any wonder the newsletter has stalled :(

    Good to hear you had a fine day.

    Mine was good till I smashed the side window of the work van :oops:
  4. In fact, the newsletter has stalled because I lost my job and I've been working like a mofo on my portfolio so I can keep getting those bills paid haha.

    How'd you manage to smash the window ya bloody clown?!

    Matty: I'll post a shot of the drawing once it's finished, which won't be too long. Ain't showin' you my girly, you can just come to the geek night and meet her yourself :p
  5. I just spent the day testing new DV camera and mount on the Black spur. Interupted by an overturned timber truck at St Finians on the return from Marysville, where I ran into a couiple of Netriders. Then to Chum Creek rd and finally thru Christmas Hills to Warrandyte.
    now I have to upload said video an edit, may even put up a link, if I deam it good enough.
    Great weather, if a bit blowy, bit of leaf litter and bark on all the roads I travelled.