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my day ride also caught in the rain (whoops)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by kyro_02, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. hehe got caught in the rain on the way home (about 6:30ish PM tonight) on the ringroad visibility wasn't all that great (and taillight only working when braking.. not with the headlights) :( was so drenched

    before than, like during the day.. me and my mate(who is on his P's) went for a ride and I was so tempted to follow him through lane splitting to the front of the lights.. can't believe he could fit through such narrow gaps... I felt pressured too cause I was trying to keep up with him; but not experienced enough or have confidence in lane splitting in such early stages, but he kept lane splitting on me. Him being in a CBR250RR which has way more up and go than my bike, he left me for dead lol.

    I am feeling a little pee'd cause now I want a CBR250RR or equivilent(sp) in power. :(

    my cylinder head is seeping slightly again (well, before when i bought bike, it was leaking bad) :(
  2. You did right not to try and follow him. Don't let someone else set the pace for you. Make your own decisions, and stuff 'em.
    And a RR isn't going to get you through traffic any faster, either.
    (It's all about making the right decisions :wink:)
  3. uh i was fish tailing this evening. was speeding 80 in 60 zone, popped up out of a slight uphill, a commodore suit dude decided to change lane (he was stationary) as soon as i popped out of the uphill. pushed the rear brake.. fish tailing for 5 seconds.. helped by front brake.... lucky he didn't do the extra stupid thing.. like stopping out of no where. i gave him the middle finger, twice. i can feel the lady on the lane beside me in her white astra was looking with a scary face while i was fish tailing.
  4. Only a 250, everyone always under esitmates a 250.
  5. haha i removed the text. yeah hate it when he said that.. really pissed me off. :?
  6. yeah i got caught in the rain tonight too. Not a good situation for me. Was wearing jeans, leather jacket and a helmet with a tinted visor. Had to go to the physio in prahran and it took ages so i was riding home in the rain and the dark.....with a tinted visor. My jeans stink now! Jacket got a good clean tho.

    Oh, to top it off, on the way home my rhs mirror came loose and was just hanging there. Couldnt use it. Its actually quite difficult (scary) riding without the use of your mirrors! All fixed now tho.