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My day of "OMG" situations,......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Dr Who, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. G'day everyone,.....

    Well let me start by saying that I was asured by the weather forcaster's that today was to be sunny!!

    I get up this morning to go to a commitee meeting in the city to find nothing but dark clouds and rain falling at my place here in the country.
    So I decide that since my bike has just 250klms to go till her next service I will take the chance and ride to the city as I find as I get to the western hwy it clears up weather wise. (as a rule)

    As soon as I get my bike out,...it stops raining all right,....now it starts SNOWING!

    Well this can't last I think,....so off I go,....
    Rideing through light snow,....it clears as I get to the highway,..
    Only to be replaced by heavy rain!

    Anyway,...I make it to the city and park the bike just off the south eastern corner of the burke st mall in Elizibeth st. (On side walk)
    I go to my meeting and come back 2 hours later to find that my bike has been moved!!
    Not only that but a street vender has set up a roast nut stall where my bike was parked and I find it parked on top of a SEC manhole cover 2-3mtrs away!


    Do I go to the city council and see about CCTV camera footage to see who moved my bike,....?
    What do you do?

    Anyway,....going home from the city as soon as I got on the bike,...Down comes the rain again.
    Not only that but as soon as I got to the top of the Pentland Hills it started Snowing again,...only harder!
    Once past Greendale every car/4x4 coming the other way blew their horn at me,...(must have thought I was a nutter rideing in the falling snow!)
    The closer I get to home the harder the snow falls,........
    I know I hit at least 2 sections of black ice as the front end slid a little but I managed to stay upright.
    Anyway,..glad to be home with my bike safely in the garage,...and me in the warm.

    What a weird day this has been,...not to mention just how Anoyed I am to find my bike had been moved!!
    (I only used the steering lock this time,..I also use a disc lock but did'nt this once and look what happened)

    :evil: :evil:

    Dr Who?
  2. HAHA riding in snow!? not something you hear of everyday... OR your bike being moved and still in view! Luckily it wasn't in the back of someones ute or this could have been a very different thread!

    BTW Good luck tomorrow :]
  3. don't get me started on bad days.....
  4. This was us yesterday!


    I've never had my bike moved, but I certainly would have said something to the vendor....
  5. I was thinking of riding to Daylesford yesterday but woke up and it was bucketing down. Thought I would stay nice and warm at home. Scarey the black ice and snow. Should have fronted the vendor about your bike, wouldn't have made a lot of difference to them being along the path 1-2m.

    Hope they didn't sell any of there bloody nuts.
  6. Five bucks it was the guy with the nuts. Was your steering locked?
  7. what a nutter if he moved your bike, you should have asked him.
  8. G'day everyone,......

    Yes the steering was locked,...
    But in moving it thay actualy rolled the bike into the center part of the footpath,....
    And whats more,..ontop of a SEC manhole cover,....
    I could have wound up with a ticket as being parked there was ileagal ontop of the manhole cover as you all would know!

    Next time the disc lock is going on as well like useual.
    Then thay can't just roll it forward.

    Dr Who?
  9. Roast nut van would have been in middle of road if that was my bike.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. +1.

    I would certainly not be a happy camper if someone moved my bike. I would be furious. :mad:
  11. Can't believe you didn't say anything to the nut.
  12. It is possible someone's moved it for a lark and Mr Nut Vendor has come along later.

    Jus' sayin.
  13. G'day everyone,.....

    Well when your bike is parked parralel to the curb and then when you come back it is rolled forward and at a 45 degree angle and more to the center of the footpath,....

    And where your bike WAS,...there is now a roast nut vendor selling from a tressal table!,.....

    Hardly a lark,....
    But I know where you are comming from though,...

    Dr Who?
  14. Riding in the snow? No biggy!


  15. :shock: wow
    Is it really hard riding in the snow like that? I wouldn't want my tyres to slip out or something
  16. At least it was only moved, with good intentions.
    Can't trust anyone these days .. too many 'nutters' around :p