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My current ride... (Melb)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ChrisBurke, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    I thought Id share one of my rides with you...

    Im hoping there are other keen MTB riders out there, and would be happy to organise some riding (around Melbourne) if anyone is interested...

    I noticed some MTB talk in another thread n though Id get the ball rolling with some pics etc of mine...

    (see pics below)

    For those in the know, these are the details:

    '02 GT i-Drive soft tail
    Fox Vanilla R shock
    '02 Marzocchi Bombers
    Hayes Mag Hydros

    This bike is definately a 'bitsa'... It has been around the world twice, and was even run in a round of the world cross country champs...

    Cheers, Chris



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  2. So how much would one of those set you back then?
  3. MTBing in Melbourne you say?

    For competitive events there is:
    Full Gas Promotions Dirt Crits, Westgate park every Thursday night , starts 6:30pm (riders need to run lights now after daylight savings finished). 3km MTB course through park & surrounds, multi lap event, piss easy for first timers no killer hills.

    There is singetrack alongside the Yarra trail from Fairfield boathouse off & on all the way to Westerfolds park .

    Listerfield park off Hallam North rd is supposed to have $1million worth of MTB facilities to be used for the Commenwealth games ’06, haven’t been there yet though.

    Out the back of the You Yangs national park there’s some MTB specific area (off from stockyards carpark). Lots of singletrack & downhills stuff (ramps, jumps, some mega scary).

    I’ve got a ’03 Specialised Stumpjuumper hardtail, schimano LX groupset, v-brakes. Need to work on the engine though, not enough power.
    Bike actually started off as a Avanti Aggressor ’03 in black, but I got the frame replaced under warrentee (cracked near seatpost) so now it’s a Specialised.
    (pic of bike fitted out for 210km road ride around Port Phillip Bay: road tyres, bottles, heaps of stuff strapped to it.)

    more stuff about my MTBing:
  4. NovaCoder,

    As its a 'bitsa', it was a lil over $4k to assemble.


    Thanks for the info... I spend a lot of time down at the yarra near the boathouses etc. Used to be down there every Thursday night before daylight saving kicked in.

    Lysterfield park is on my list of places to visit, but Im having trouble rounding up the boys to get out there.

    The event at the Westgate park on Thursdays sounds cool, Ill have to drop in for a look... lights etc are still on the 'to buy' list.
  5. I have a Giant AC2 2000 model. though at the moment it is my commuting vehicle as well so is running a set of slicks.
    I have ridden out at the You Yangs mtb in daylight and under my own lights, some pretty good stuff there.
    Stock except for wheel set (more xc orientated)
    shifters SRAM twist grip and rear mech
  6. WOOHOOOO!! :D

    i recently joined the half decent MTB club aswell. i say half decent cos i've seen what some ppls spend on their bikes and its just mind boggling. my 05 avanti barracuda has/does everything i need tho, such a smooth, solid ride compared to my old GT avalanche 2.0.

    its used mainly for commuting but any chance i get, i'll go see a trail (not that thats alot, no car and not a huge amount of motivation to ride by myself :LOL: ). like scumbag there, i run slicks for the commuting, but it takes a whole 5 mins to change them over to knobblies for a real ride.

    only things i've changed on it is the pedals, scrapped the icky 505s and got a set of 545s, and the totally NOT commuting friendly seat.

    if anyones keen for a netrider MTB day, i'm IN :D just as long as you understand i'm a total newb to all this, i've ridden all my life, just not on trails. theres also a ripper of a forum for the real hardcore type riders at www.farkin.net some of those boys spend more on a set of forks than my bikes worth :shock:
  7. Coco,

    Yeah Im a memeber of Farkin.net too, but thought Id start a thread in here to round up some interest...

    Did I hear someone say 'Netrider MTB day'? Nice...
  8. i get kinda lost at farkin, its a bit too much for me. they're all (or seem to be) in so much of a different level to me that i'll barely ever pipe up on there. some good advice going on there tho and i have learnt a bit from reading it, but i just dont feel 'worthy' of participation yet :LOL:

    love the i-drive too, i was almost cut when i found out that the low grade one was going for $750 at goldcross a couple of months ago. i took one for a spin once, its a ripper of a bike for the money. i just preffered the awesome components on the barracuda tho, and the price i managed to get an 05 for :D

    and yeah, netrider ride day..... like i said, i'm in :wink:
  9. I also have a MTB which I use to commut to work with. But unlike some of the flash bikes further up this thread, my Shogun only cost me $400 on special. It'd probably fall apart on the first off road track I take it on. I'd say the rims would definitely buckle as the rear one already buckled just riding on the road and dropping off some gutters.

    I knew there was some track along the Yarra but didn't know where. Now that someone has mentioned the Fairfield boathouse, i have starting point on where to look. :D Woo Hoo.

    Seeing I have no vehicle, that'd be about the only track I'll be riding along. But I'll still have my fun. \:D/ \:D/
  10. Android,

    From East Brunswick you can jump on the Merri Creek path, follow it past the back of the Northcote High school, thru Westgarth into Clifton Hill.

    Youll end up at Deights ( ?) falls and then all the Yarra trails link from there (mainly on the other side of the river) but there are maps/signs there.

    Youd be surprised how much that cheaper bike will put up with... I used to ride with a guy who had a similar bike to yours when I first got mine... he used to give it a fair workout and it survived...
  11. Where is a good bike shop in the sth eastern suburbs that sell mountain bikes?...id like something that looks similar to chrisburkes's ride but without the hefty price tag.
  12. you really cant go past goldcross for price, and theres a few shops around.

    what sorta money do you want to spend and what sorta riding do you want to do? i did a lot of looking around the lower priced bikes not too long ago....
  13. Kiss,

    I have had 'good' results from VicMTB in Kew, and BrunswickStreetCycles in Fitzroy.

    I have had various 'bad' results at other MTB stores around Melb (I live in St kilda).

    Also while Im here... I have an 01 RS125... PM me some picks of yours?

  14. I doubt i'll ever really get to a track, so i guess id use the bike more for cruising down the yarra...yet i like the look of those off road bikes with big tyres, disc brakes and full suspension system.

    Im probably willing to spend between $800-1500.

    P.S I dont know how to PM pics.
  15. nice bike pix but looks like someones stolen your bloody motor!!!! :shock:
  16. thats good money, my barracuda retails for $1450 and its a RIPPER of a hardtail. hydraulic brakes, light as frame, great fuggen gearing. or the cheaper i-drives are about the same price, they havn't got the best brakes/gears etc but its an AWESOME basic duallie :D
  17. The only GT i-Drive part on my bike is the frame itself... its a non Australian release i-Drive 2.0 frame.

    I wouldnt recommend actually buying a whole i-Drive as they come with pretty basic running gear.
  18. yeah, its not entirely bad stuff, its just very basic. still glad i got the barracuda cos the gear on it is HEAPS better. still love the i-drive frame tho :D
  19. I use the Merri Creek bike path quite often. I generally use it to ride home from work.

    The track's that I have yet to play on are the dirt, off road tracks. I want to have some fun in the dirt. :)

    When I first saw the disk brakes appear on MTB, I thought they were a bit of a gimmick. Last week, some clown in a car decided to stop directly in front of me. I jumped onto the front brakes. The bloody things stopped the bike on half a dime that I was sent over the handle bars. I must say, I was very impressed with the disk brake.
    Had I meant to do the stunt I performed, it would have been very impressive. 8)
  20. MTBs from about $1300 are good place to start for those looking at singletrack & maybe competitive stuff (as well as commuting etc).
    I like hardtails because they're lighter & the lack of rear suspension won't rob your pedal strokes much (might have to go to $2500+ for good duel-suspension bikes).
    Disk brakes are good for mud (least effected) & banging up your rims wont effect braking either, but they're more expencive & complex to maintain (bleeding??) as well as the pads for disks cost a bomb [comparitively].

    Hard to recommend a good bike shop, most carry similar stock. I like MTB centric bike shops like Vic MTB Centre in Kew or Brunswick Cycles.
    But advise is generally patchy when you ask a saleperson if what you're looking at is a good buy. Go in fully armed (informed) & make the call yourself, like anything really.

    MTBs are generally a collection of components bolted to a frame regardless of brand, so make a list of what you like to have on it & look for a matching package. Brands like Avanti & Kona price their bikes competitively considering their equipment levels.

    Oh, top dollar MTB wont make you go faster. There are quite a few single speed rigid chromoly framed MTBs blistering singletracks across this nation, 95% of race pace is legs, heart & nerve.

    Along the [main] Yarra bike trail from Fairfield boathouse all the way to Westerfolds park there are singletrack MTB trails shooting off it & running alongside the main trail for about 25kms. These trails close up quickly when they're not used much so the more MTBs through there the better.