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My Cup Day Off

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by akaluke, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. I wrote this shortly after my off, but wanted to wait until the insurance claim was approved before I posted.

    First things first:
    A million thanks to everyone who helped me out. Gotta love motorcyclists!
    You guys are the best.

    Lesson learnt.
    Cheap price to pay.

    On the cup day ride, I was rounding a gentle left hand bend, 100 km/h zone.

    It wasn't a difficult corner. And I really don't think I was going too fast around that particular corner.

    It was as windy as hell.

    As best as I can work out (but I could be wrong, it happened pretty quickly), half way through the corner, a gust of wind has knocked me off my line and partially stood the bike up.

    I'm instantly looking at the point opposite the apex of the corner on the wrong side of the road.

    You can probably guess what happens next.

    Target fixation kicks in and I'm off the corner, heading for the grass and gravel on the opposite side of the road.

    I stand the bike up straight and grab the front brake.

    I start to slow but quickly hit the gravel on the side of the road, front wheel skids and the bike goes down on it's left side.

    I slide and tumble a few times and eventually come to a stop. It's amazing how much thinking time there is when you are sliding and tumbling.


    There's some images here - it's hard to see some of the damage to the bike - but the pics of the jeans and jacket are telling:

    All pics here:

    http://www.lukewilby.com/Jing/Bike Crash 2009-10-04/

    Here's a couple of samples:








    A sprained left ankle.
    A 2x4 inch graze on my right hip (Kevlar burn?).
    A small graze on my stomach (Kevlar burn?).
    I'm sore all over from the impact and tumble

    My (very new) Gear:
    The denim on my Sartso Killer Kevlar torn completely through on my left knee and back right pocket . No damage to the Kevlar.
    Scuffed and scratched and torn gloves.
    Scuffed and scratched boots.
    Scuffed and scratched leather jacket. Mostly across the back and right elbow.

    The bike:
    Left front indicator gone.
    Left floorboard and gear shift trashed
    Bent handlebars.
    Dent and boot mark on tank.
    Major damage to front fender.
    Scratch on back fender.
    Left mirror trashed.
    Left pannier trashed.
    Scratched pipes.

    My gear (and more than quite a bit of luck) meant I got off lightly.
    My knee armour worn under my Sartso jeans saved my knee.
    My elbow armour saved my elbow.
    Boots and gloves and leather jacket did their job.
    I didn't hit anything.

    Lesson learnt.

    One and a half weeks later:
    The bike has been assessed and is being repaired.
    I should have it back in less than 2 weeks.
    My gear was all insured so I'll get a new jacket, jeans, gloves and boots.

    My ankle is healing up - it's still a little bit sore and swells up if I spend too much time walking on it.

    Thanks for all the PMs everyone.

    Oh - and I miss my !@$# bike. Reading about all the rides people are going on is killing me.
  2. Look forward to your return Luke.
  3. Those shots are great.

    They are like a catalogue of gear for people who want street cred, but don't want to have a crash of their own. ;)
  4. Nice post Luke.

    Glad to hear you are OK with no major damage.

    Agree with that. Nice shots! Where did you take them? What's behind ie. how did you get the white studio look?

    PS. Re: your gear is insured so you get new gear, do you get to keep your old gear?
  5. The shots were taken inside a cupboard with white walls.
    Flash bounced of ceiling to fill the whole room. With a bit of editing they could have come up even better!

    I don't think I get to keep the old gear (but I might - it's still with the repairer and the assessors didn't take it away). Fingers crossed.
  6. I got the same pair of jeans and was worried that they were no good based on certain "independant tests" that were conducted. They appear to have done their job and held up pretty well.

    Oh and btw glad to hear you''re ok :)
  7. Who were you insured with and how much is their excess?
  8. Glad your ok and the bike is a quick fix.

    Insurance co will probably ask you to surrender the gear before paying out, happened that way to me.
  9. Swann insurance.
    Excess was $700 ($400 standard plus $300 for a Learner).
  10. I must say, those are the best composed photos of damaged gear I've ever seen.

    They're 2nd hand and stuffed, but I almost want to buy them.
  11. Thanks for the write-up Luke. Hopefully you'll save somebody else from making the same mistake.
  12. This was the windiest day I'd ever riden and several times when taking corners at speed in the same section where you came off, especially cornering into the wind, it pushed the rear sideways and it felt just like a powerslide. Many of us didn't pay the conditions enough respect that day, most of us were lucky.
  13. Ya did mighty fine pulling up from it Luke, no sooking or crying post crash, straight up, shook yourself off, helped with the on-the-spot repairs and got back on, nice work.

    Even later on you were keen to come for another twisties route on the way home! Dedication!

    You'll be back on it soon and you'll be having a ball.

    yay for insurance.

    Cya soon on two wheels...
  14. ack no good, good to hear you came out alright.

    Sucks to hear about the gear. I haven't fixed my leathers in like 5 months lol they look cooler with the scrapes anyway! :cool:

  15. An incredibly useful set of pictures, Luke; should be made into a sticky to which we can point people who say "Do I REALLY need all that gear??".