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My CT110 build - Chopper / Bobber

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by kingy, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. Hey guys

    This is my new project that i pulled out of an old mans farm out in the sticks ..
    its a 03/1984 honda ct110 aka Postie ..
    its rough as guts but for 300 bucks i couldn't pass up on the opportunity .
    the bike has been stored in a shed for 5+ years and has never been started in that time.
    we had to move 6 bails of hay to get to it and gave her a quick bath to get rid of the 30cm of bull dust and cob webs..
    this is its first time seeing sunlight in 5 years and we gave it a a quick hose down


    we tried starting it several goes with no luck at all .. but it had compression so i thought i would buy it anyway nothing on this beast worked.. lights didn't work , was missing tails lights , missing a lot of bits and pieces and some even broken but i loaded it onto the ute and drove it back home anyway ..

    i got it home after a 3 hr drive and washed it straight away .. as you can see its pretty rough shape ...



    didn't come up to bad i reckon..
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  2. i ment to say this is my first time building a bike or even working on one..
    in the past i was a rider that if something was wrong i would go to a mechanic.. didn't even know how to change my own oil... so please if you have any tips or ideas on how to make my life easier that would be awesome :)

    The next day i went straight to my local bike shop got me some new oil , spark plug , air filter
    if anyone wants to know the spark plug number is D8EA

    check out the spark plug , carby and air cleaner i was shocked at the state of the air cleaner ..

    i gave the carby a quick clean and put it all back together ... if anyone needs help putting a ct110 carby back this is an awesome little guide...


    i put some fresh fuel in the tank and crossed my fingers..
    omg it started .. didn't really idle all that well but it at least came to life after 5 years,
    i have bought a carby kit from eBay so i can use new jets and new float so it doesn't flood as I'm getting fuel out the drain tube. the needle is stuck open...
    so i pulled it all apart and its now soaking in carby cleaner till my carby kit arrives..
    i also bought a .80 size jet cause i will be running a pod filter ...

    i will also add that I'm in no hurry to get this project done.. i think it will take me close to 12months .. i have a big list i need to do to get this thing anywhere near roadworthy condition... so i will keep you up to date as much as possible.. thank you for taking time to see this project :)
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  3. These folks should stock most of the parts you need. One Ten Mototcycles - CT110 could be useful for the less available items.

    I've used them before and they were good value the last time I rebuilt my Postie.
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  4. Thank you for the Tip :)
  5. I can't wait to see the progress
  6. keep us updated Kingy! (y)
  7. Chopper/Bobber should be interesting!

    110 motorcycles website (from womble's post above) is useful, lots of available parts, and shows some cool custom builds they have done, worth it just for the pics!
  8. hey Kingy, that cleaned up ok after so long a lay-up! I look forward to progress reports..............
  9. This is going to be good fun to watch come together!
  10. So excited to see this project :woot::woot:
  11. it was like Christmas this morning :)

    received my new carby jet kit
    also complete workshop manual


    Last night I filled her up with fuel and straight away I could see there was an issue.. fuel pouring out the overflow ..
    I think my float and need might be rubbish...


    Bit of a score tho today.
    went into a customers workshop this morning and he had a wheel against the shed that has been sitting there for years.. just happens to be a postie front wheel :) score as my one I have on now is currently bucked ...

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  12. I'll be watching this with interest. A postie is a great starting point for a cheap project. Might get one myself for the farm.
  13. it actually sounds cheap till you start weighing up how much your way in over your head lol ...
    I thought this would be easy.. but the more I look at this bike the more I see wrong ...
    I can see this becoming a very pricy project.. lucky for me I am in no hurry..
    if it take me 12months then so be it... :)
  14. Due to work yesterday and lack of parts i decide to check Valve Clearances and paint intake manifold


    for those who want to know how to find top dead centre to adjust valve guides you need to take off left hand side engine covers there are 2 with little flat head screwdriver slots In them ..
    get a 18mm socket and turn the crankshaft till you see this in the top hole


    i also took the rear rack off ...

    i finally got it started

    However it keeps on flooding and have found the Carby itself has a internal crack..
    i have ordered a new carby from eBay should be here next week :) fingers crossed it will all be running smoothly :)
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  15. None of those pics are working. At least not for me on works shitty computer.

    Good job getting it started. Carby engines are pretty basic. Fuel, air, and spark in the right proportions at the right time and away ya go.
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  16. Great project to start with. Parts for these are everywhere. Look forward to seeing what you do with it.
  17. Bought a new Carby for it and fitted a .80 jet and pod filter..
    she now idles like a dream :)


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  18. Been waiting for parts to arrive over the past few weeks so I have made no more progress as yet..
    how ever its giving me time to think if I want to paint it or leave it ratty looking , and if I paint it what colour...

    I like the Ratty old rusty paint looking with some upgraded mods .. however I have always had a soft spot for gun metal grey . undecided on what to do .... lol
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  19. Personally, I would go for a custom colour or colours. Then it stands out, even if it is just a postie. Maybe get a crazy postie cartoon on it or similar?
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  20. Custom Airbrushed battery cover now that's an idea :)