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My Crossrunner

  1. Pompy submitted a new Showcase Item:

    My Crossrunner

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  2. So how is it on the road?
  3. I love it, did 600Kms over the Easter weekend, I had a Vstrom before that, it is head an shoulders above that!!!
  4. Funky bike.

    I read one review and the test riders didn't expect to like it and admitted they were wrong.
  5. Nice looking bike mr PompyPompy
    I like the finish on it and colour as well.
    Looks lowish to the ground which I like too.
    How's it handling the winter weather...:)
  6. Nice bike. I was thinking of upgrading to one of these myself. What sort of fuel consumption are you getting?
  7. I get about 5.1 L per 100Kms, but I ride like a pensioner, 380 to 400 out of a tank, possibly more if you were just cruising, and it is fairly stable until you really give it the beans:sneaky:
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  8. I put bark buster blizzards on it, so that combined with heated grips, and a heated undershirt it/me coped with a 4 degree morning ride last week, still looking for my testicles tho.........
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  9. I too have a Vstrom 650 and am looking at this bike. Have you put any panniers on it yet? ... The factory options are very expense :-( over $3K for top box + two panniers
    I have a 45 litre top box on my Vstrom (SHAD ~$700) which works great b/c it fits my helmet and jacket ... but the factory top box is much smaller and more expensive.
    Was looking at a Yamaha MT-09 Tracer, which includes panniers for the same price, but I suspect it is a bit too much of a hoon machine for me.
    The Kawasaki Versys looks good too .. choices?

    Any one know any good cheaper options for panniers that will fit a helmet?
  10. The only luggage I have at the moment is a tailbag. I want to get a ventura rack but to date they have not made them for this bike, apparently the bike has only just been released in NZ, where ventura racks are made.
    I had a look at the MT, didn't like the feel of it, personal thing I guess
  11. shuckershucker just ordered a SW Motech rack for the bike, but its on a boat from Germany at the moment.......