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my creative attempt - a Vintage look

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by ScorpioPete, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. my creative attempt - a Vintage look (a rewrite)

    Time to move on, :bolt:.....so an edit is called for, OP

    First of all.....Yay, I've just signed up, paid my rego fee (via Paypal) and also looking forward to joining a fantastic riders community.

    Ok, my creative attempt at creating an old skool (sepia) look for my Honda cruiser to an old skool maybe say, possibly 1920's 40's look. I wated to create a look from the era of the Indian bikes but of course mine is still only a Honda.
    Stuff done to the bike.
    I wrapped the exhaust in exhaust wrap (I believe it called "lagged") because I love the look of wrapped exhaust rather than fully chromed exhaust. Although, I like 'bling' I'm not a big fan of masses of chrome. I like the chrome to help balance out the black & carbon fibre rather than overpower it.
    I've also used 3M-1080 Carbon Fibre vinyl wrap to do the tank and side pods because I like the look of Carbon Fibre but I'm trying to remain conscious of "less is more" and to not go overboard or too random/radical

    My goal is to turn my LAMs Honda VT400 into a bobber in the next year or so (Prob after-market Blue Collar Bobbers guards and a La Rosa seat but the rest will be my doing) but not a pure bobber although, it's still a working project. When I'm off my L's & P's I'll keep this bobber project for commuting and invest in a larger cruiser for touring.


    Cheers, Pete
    This is a fantastic forum, yes it all forums have their fair share of negatives but Netrider also has a plethora of fantastic information and as a learner rider, the information has already been a huge help.
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  2. Can I ask what the purpose is in lagging the exhaust pipes?

    Nice picture anyway (y).
  3. Looks cool?
  4. Nice
  5. It is similar to ceramic coating, the insulation keeps the gas in the centre hotter, and hotter means faster flowing. And with cars it keeps engine bay temps down, which produces a denser air/fuel ratio.
  6. Great job on the pic. Welcome to NR. You've paid your rego already, that's great to see.
  7. you fail...it looks nothing like a indian ,,you will never get a honda to look like a indian ,and lagging the header pipes on your bike is doing nothing ,if you dont know what a indian looks like i can post up a few photos for you of older and newer
  8. welcome to NR and as above, nice pic
  9. He's going for an old style shot, not saying that the bike looks exactly like an Indian I think.
  10. Wouldn't say it's "nothing like it"....


    Definitely not "the same" either, but I get what the OP is on about. Nice pic :)
  11. as i said the honda looks nothing like a indian old or new .its like saying a new triumph bonny looks like a old bonny , they dont look the same they dont sound the same ,,,
  12. Thanks...
    Why is it that everything we do needs purpose?
  13. Wow... that an excellent excellent looking Bike, as all Indians just look fantastic and yes, there is no way in hell my Honda is anything like an Indian.
    I remember a neighbour rebuilding an Indian, the thing I truly remember is that it sounded like NO other bike I've heard, it was a awesome sound.
    Sorry to have stepped on toes with my Honda to Indian look reference. Thanks for your understanding
    Cheers, -OP, Pete
  14. You are indeed correct.... they are most definitely NOT the same however, I was making an indirect comparison re the period style photo I was trying to create not a direct or literal comparison.

    Cheers, Pete
  15. Thanks for the re-direct. I thought I had posted in the competition section. Many thanks, Cheers, Pete :)
  16. Bugger..... my first or second post is a FAIL, jeeze, it could even be an EPIC FAIL. Bugger

    Thanks, for the offer of the Indian photos however, I'm more than happy to get my own Indian photos. Actually, I might have to delete or retract the photo, bugger because it took me a few goes to get it right....dam, dam, dam

    Hopefully, I'll not Pi$$ you off next time I post an indirect comparison NOT a direct comparison.... opps, let me check.
    Ok... I'm back.
    Just had a look at my Original posting and I cannot see anywhere that I made reference to my bike being an Indian...

    I believe I stated" old skool look (sepia) for my Honda cruiser to an Indian look" I think emphasis is on look as an indirect comparison rather than a literal comparison.
    Lastly, I'm unfamiliar with the term "lagging" but I believe you're referring to "wrapping exhaust tape"? I simply wrapped the exhaust because I loved the wrapped look. Jesus, my bike is a VT400 - LAM's why the hell would I wrap for performance gains? No wait, I might actually go from 24kw to 25kw.. jeeze, lagging the pipes has given me a possible 1kw gain. Man, I'm off to the track with my new found power this weekend....

    Unfortunately, I have NO NO time for people on forums who only seem to have negatives to say.
    Cheers, Pete the OP
  17. Chill, bro.

    I posted the Indian photo and I was actually agreeing with you, not trying to prove you wrong. Sorry if that wasn't clear. I was trying to restrain myself from attacking the guy who called your photo a "fail", so maybe it came out wrong.

    Pretty sure the people asking about the tape were just curious as well. If you taped it because you prefer the taped look over the chrome/painted look, that's perfectly fine as an answer, I'm sure.

    As far as I can tell, only one bloke here was having a go, and he's... well, in my view he's a bit silly for not getting the difference between "vintage indian-style photo" and "my honda is an indian".

    EDIT: PS. Welcome to NetRider, enjoy the insanity!
  18. dont hold back boys,.....feel free to attack me for not sucking up your ass ,and saying its a great photo ,,,so where did the indian or vintage reference come from then ???its a honda its not a vintage bike ,,,the photo does not make your honda look old ,it dont look like a old photo at all ,it looks like some one took a photo of there honda and played with the settings on there phone ,,,,