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My crash tonight

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by munecito, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. Someone crashed the doggie bus tonight.

    I was just going up in the last sharp bend before the house (actually 20 mts or less before our driveway) and a kid came a little bit too fast down the sharpest part of the bend and lost traction on the front wheels and just slipped and hit the Explorer.

    It wasn't a hard hit but there is a fair bit of damage. The kid doesn't have insurance but we do, so hopefully everything will be smooth.

    I told the kid to be calm, adviced him to get at least third party property damage in the future to avoid a headache like this one. I explained to him that he was lucky to hit an oldish car instead of a Mercedes or a porsche that are not so rare around here and also told him that it could have been worse if I would have been riding my bike today.

    He was very apologetic and ashamed, specially when I told him that we bought the car less than a month ago to take the dogs out and how they will be grounded now until we can get the car fixed.

    Stuff happens I guess.

    BTW. Has anybody put a claim through Allianz before?

  2. Yep, painless. Great co. to deal with.
  3. Great to hear Vic.


  4. sorry to hear about you bingle and I know the corner very well and you really cannot speed in/on any vehicle in good conditions through that bend.

    Glad all are ok and it is great to see you did not get out if the car screaming and ranting. Most people really don't collide with you on purpose!!

    Good luck with the insurance as I think your insurance company will go after the driver.

    I had a similar thing with a red p plater on Narrabeen bridge and didn't ring the police and I received a call from the boys mother thanking me for saving the kids liscence...............all ended good.

  5. your insurer will fix your car, then send him the bill. all good for your end.
  6. The poor kid was very very nervous so no need to scream and shout to make things worse. He knows what is coming to him. So I adviced him to get into an agreement with the insurance company so he can pay them weekly until he cancel the whole amount that at this stage we don't know.

    He looked like a really decent kid, he wasn't swearing or being arrogant. He even asked me if I wanted to call the police. I didn't do it because nobody was injured and because they would have charge him with negligent driving, make him pay more money and take some points from his licence away.

    HE may have overcooked the corner for a bit but the truth is that it has been raining a lot and the dead leaves usually end up in that corner and make the street very slippery so it wasn't entirely his fault.

  7. Care to speculate on what would have happened if you were on your bike?

    The reason I ask is because of the whole insurance thing. I'm guessing that you would've done your absolute best to avoid contact with an oncoming vehicle, and if that results in a low side or chucking it into the bushes, I could see it being hard to prove you didn't just lose it.

  8. Ouch will, what a bugger :( Glad there doesn't seem to be any dramas though, good luck with the insurance.
  9. I actually think nothing would have happened if I was on the bike. I usually take that bend really wide to prepare to get into my driveway. Also that bend is known as a nice drift place for the local kids so I never go too fast or too close to the white line. I think that specific bend is posted at 15kmh because it is very sharp.

    Also, It happened to me already on the bike that someone changed lanes and to avoid him I maneuvered but still lost the front wheel and went down. He didn't stop and I had to pay for the repairs. It is a very grey area in the case you described and unless you have a few good witnesses I think the insurance company would find it difficult to prove and it will result in an "at fault claim."

  10. A lesson for all. Drive to the conditions :eek:
  11. I talked to him about that and he understood.

    I explained to him that for really sharp downhill bends you should use first gear, even on an automatic to avoid these kind of situations. He admitted he had the car on Drive. It is just those little details that make difference. He still a P plater so has a lot of stuff to learn. He seems to be a nice kid, at least he was very mature stopping, in the postion the cars were many other would just have driven off. I memorized the registration plate staright away just in case he thought of doing a runner.

  12. You're a nice bloke!

    I'd be happy to crash into you, I reckon.
  13. If you don't try to play smart I won't call the police either :wink: