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My crash thread :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Snowman, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Finally getting round to writing this up.

    On the 4th I binned my ZX6R.

    We were on a bike trip from Sydney and sampling all the nice roads around Bright, Vic.

    My stack happened on the way down from Mt Hotham. After hammering through Falls creek and getting my knee down, I was in the mood for a relaxing cruise down from Hotham and then home.

    Anyway I came to a steep downhill tight lefthander (at the speed limit) and lost the front and slid into an oncoming car. Not really sure why the front lost traction but there was some ripples and small potholes on the road, and my friend behind me said he didnt notice my brake light come on, really wish I knew what happened, but a factor was that I wasnt paying attention just cruising along listening to my new jardine exhaust and checking out the scenery.


    Went on a nice ambulance ride and they let me hang out in hospital for a while, where the nurses were suspiciously quick to get my shirt off :p

    At the end of the day I had a broken collar bone and a few bruises, thank god for full gear.

    The cars wheels were a bit wonky so they couldnt drive it after, but the people in it were lovely and more concerned about me than their car.
  2. This was taken 2 days after the crash, I was riding on the back of my mates bike on our way to Jindabyne when we came accross another rider down. He had snapped a ligament or something in his leg and asked if I was able to get his bike back to town for him, about 60ks. His bike was not damaged so, itching to get back on two wheels, I gave the guy a hand, broken collar bone and all :D

  3. Legend.

    Good to see you came out ok shame about the bike though.
  4. Ouch. Collerbone breaks hurt. Specially when ya mates make you laugh. Was it your left one. Cause pulling the front brake with one broken hurts too.
    Glad your relatively ok though.
    What are you getting next ???
  5. ironman! Anyone who rides on with a broken collar-bone has my admiration.

    What's the legal situation in Vic re your bike damaging a motorist's car (I assume you're insured?)?
  6. It would be the same as if a car hit I would think. Each can claim to their insurance. Other party can send letter of demand if they don't have insurance (assuming it wasn't their fault). Letter is then dealt with by the rider, or forwarded to insurance company if they have insurance.
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  8. Yeah left one, and I sneezed a few days ago, OH MAN did that hurt, I nearly had a little cry lol.

    Getting a 2007 ZX10R in red as soon as insurance comes through :D
  9. Im fully insured. I would assume my insurance is covering the damage to the car as they were not at fault at all, just got in the way of a sliding bike unfortunately
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    Nah thats not it, there was more trees around, it was pretty close to the bottom as I recall. Ill watch through parts 1 to 4 and see if I can spot it. I remember there was a guard rail and a large enough gravel run off for a car and ambulance etc to stop.
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    You can say that again. I rode it downhill 2 weeks ago and you are mostly controlling the corners with the throttle on/off and can get hairy very quickly if not fully concentrating. Riding up it, now that would be fun.

    Corner after corner non stop for 30kms steep down hill too

    Snowman we did it 2 days before you. Did you freak when the road surface changed without warning from tarmac to dirt for a few sections near the top on your way down. I didn't notice the 1st and nearly slipped. So did you do the Great Alpine Road or went up the mountain and down again while in Bright.
  12. haha yeah I remember that bit, they still didnt have any warning signs up by the time we went through there.

    I cant really remember the day to be honest, but I know we left from Bright and did Mt Beauty (again) then through Falls Creek, not sure where from there but ended up on top of Hotham in the afternoon on our way back to Bright. Beautiful roads :D
  13. Been to Hotham on moto twice this year and been also doing it on a pushie every year since 2004 and that gravelish bit near the top of Hotham has been like in the time I've been going up there.....
    Have no idea why they haven't finished/repaired that part in that time. Thankfully it's no more than 200 meters long but you wouldn't want to hit it too fast as it can catch you by suprise if you haven't been there before.

    Bogong High Plains Rd being sealed a couple of years ago has now created an awsome 250K loop from Bright.
    Yes there are plenty of twisties but think there's only one tight hairpin on the Harrietville side of Hotham called The Meg.
    It is well signed posted in both direction but one to take with caution as it's off camber.

    Even from a cyclists point of view, Hotham down to Harrietville is one of the best descents in the country....
  14. Glad to see you did your part and rode old mates bike with a broken collar bone (y)
  15. Yeah well so many people helped me out when I stacked so I thought it was the least I could do for him. He kept trying to give me money but I was just stoked I got to have a crack on 2 wheels again.