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VIC My contribution here

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Hubie75, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Is it valued or is it a waste of everybody's time?

  2. Having valuable info about traffic laws is handy, and I appreciate sharing the info.

    But reading 'I'd book you for lanesplitting' seems pretty harsh, I don't feel lanesplitting is inherently dangerous - in fact, never sitting still in traffic presents some safety advantages - eg. taking the % chance of being rear ended (high % of motorcycle accidents from the stats I've seen). But thats just my opinion. It is a forum, a place to share knowledge and argue when appropriate..

    So you're welcome in my books, just don't book me for not wanting to be rear ended/die of heat stroke/bike overheat/sit through 5 sets of lights because people have 10 second delayed reactions when the light goes green. Its not like we're slowing anyone down either, since we're off the light as soon as its green and clear.
  3. I've read your posts with interest.
  4. I haven't voted.

    I say: stay if you want to, and post your opinions whatever they may be.

    I also say: don't be a girly-man and leave just because someone tells you off or disagrees with your opinion.

    I also also say: if you don't want to post here anymore, don't post here; and if you're waiting for people to say "Oh stay! We love you! Please don't go!" then just take your self-esteem issues somewhere else.
  5. Edit: .......... Meh?
  6. Well until now I hadn't read any of your posts so had to do a little search...

    Anyway I am no fan of the Jury Wreckers myself, but your posts seem relevant and intelligent; and you seem to be honest and forthright in your discussions; so I reckon a lot of people would benefit from having one more person around who can give good, accurate feedback on traffic/legal issues.

    I say stick around - anyway, you're more likely to have intelligent conversation on this forum than on some others I've seen (even if you disagree with it!)

    PS I nodded to a bike cop on the way home tonight and he nodded back so that was nice...
  7. Hey we've gotta have someone else we can hang sh!t on :wink:

    Oh! I don't really live in Fairfield lol
  8. Ditto.

    Chest beaters really do suck ;)

    What happens in the real world when you are challenged? do you go all sooki lala, tap them on the bum and say "on your merry way, sorry for wasting your time??" Harden up!!!!!

    Knowlegeable posts are always welcomed, shit, we even let groberts post.
  9. But what about I?

    Hubie, think you'd fit in really well over at netrider :cool:
  10. not sure what you mean yak
  11. you are joking.. right? :shock: :shock: 8-[
  12. If you want to stay then stay,

    You have provided an interesting insight into the workings of traffic police,

    particularly the "if I dont like what you are doing I will find a way to book you" attitude,

    but hey, its better to have a diverse range of opinons on the forum, so welcome aboard
  13. It's not quite like that mate! I dont look for ways to book people, that's not really any different to booking someone for something they haven't done!

    I see enough out there that I've never been tempted to resort to that.

    For the record, 99% of my bookings are cars!

    Stay safe :)
  14. I say stick around. I'd rather know what you guys think than just guess. And get the facts instead of the fiction. But expect some pretty fierce debate now and then... that's just what it's like here. Nothing personal (hopefully) - just ideas getting thrown around.

    If you are involved, you'll probably come across the occcasional stuff that you don't much care for, and only time will tell how that works out. But if you can handle us being truthful, I reckon we can probably handle the same from you.

    Let's not get all hung up on the law all the time, either (US, not you Hubie).
  15. I am not suggesting you would make up an offence,

    I read your views on lane splitting, didnt you state that you would book anyone you saw doing it?

    either for travelling in the same lane, or if that didnt work, overtaking too closely?

    That sounds like an each way bet to me based on your opinion on lane splitting, not the dangers associated with it,

    i'm probably just still bitter because some cops booked me years ago for displaying expired rego labels as they couldnt prove I was speeding...
  16. Thanks titus, well said,

    I like the debate. As long as it doesnt get personal. Even traffic cops are human beings! and I talk about a hell of alot more than just the law.

    Bottom line is I'm a biker. I just happen to be a cop also!

  17. If you leave because of some idiots i'm gonna chop off the rest of Phanoongy's fingers.
    don't be put off by debate, it's healthy and i for one appreciate your contribution even if i may not agree with your interpretation of lane splitting.

    *just don't book me for it* :wink:
  18. I echo these sentiments,

    and Hubie, if you are ever at the WTC police office, I will even buy you a coffee at Jamps if you are up for a chat

  19. I conditionally accept this as truth ;)
  20. Debate is healthy and I enjoy it. But if someone wants to make it personal and call you a wanker, i'm not going to follow them into the gutter.

    There is a chance i may be able to attend either the friday night or monday night coffee in an official capacity. I hope i wont need some security will I? :wink: