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My computers weird.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by flexorcist, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. Amongst the trojans and viruses and other whatnots i can safely assume are on this machine.... WTF is this? Been doing it for several days, every ten minutes, and annoying the hell out of me. Anyone know how to fix?

    Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    I don't know what proccess or application that is, and it doesnt seem to affect anything.
  2. Ahhh, the server at my place was saying that.

    Open task manager [Ctrl-Alt-Del] and End Process Winreg32.exe

    See what happens.

    On my server, it crashed the network if the firewall was disabled after I ended that process - so I guess it's a connectivity or protocal process; but if it's on a downstream comp, there may not be any harm in disabling it and seeing how it goes.

    If it's corrupted or something, you can try a system restor to fix it.
    START menu, Accessories, System Tools --> System Restore.

    And restore it to a date before you started noticing the error [this didn't work on my server].
    Failing that, a nice format and fresh OS install does wonders for any comp :)
  3. :? In my time of computing, i don't remember seeing this process at all... Seems like a virus to me ;)

  4. that process isn't there. will system restore undo things i installed today??
  5. Yes.

    It will undo things done between now and the date you restore it to.
    I think it keeps saved files though - but backup just in case.

    ... it might be Win32.exe also I can't remember, and i doesn't appear on my comp here at work.
  6. cool cool hope it sorts itself soon thanks guys.

    while we're talking about the cumpootin marshines........

    if i have 4 iso/rar cds that i extract... then CD1 CD2 CD3 (one was big i guess) contain .rar and .r00 .r01 files..... if i just extract these to desired location will that "install" itself sort of thing???

    proggy is reason, wasn't burnt to a self extracted file, and doesnt have a (visible) install .exe
  7. rar is a type of zip format.

    Winrar does everything Winzip does and more (great proggy).

    No, extracting isn't the same as "installing".
    Extract all the files to separate folders and see what's contained in them. I don't know what the whole thing is - maybe together they will be confused - or you might need to put them all together to make it work.
    Extract to separate folders first, and that way you can copy to combine and if it's wrong you've kept your other option open and can delete the one's that don't work.

    You may need to 'mount' the ISO ie. fool the computer into thinking you have the whole program on DVD or CD.

    I have used Daemon Tools for this in the past.
  8. Yeah I get a lot of ISO images as .rar files. I just extract them to a folder and then mount as an image with either Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools.

    Don't know what is in your .rar file without extracting so ???
  9. "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience" is a generic service/process used to start system services in Windows XP. You'll see it listed in Task Manager as svchost.exe. There should be many of them and depending on what function they are controlling, may either be killed with little or catastrophic effect.

    Typically they do not fail for no reason. Have you updated your PC with a hotfix/security update. Have you installed a new program? When was the last time you ran a virus scan? Are your virus def's up to date. Have you run a Spyware detection program? These are all questions that might isolate the cause of the problem. Lastly, and this should probably be the first question, when it fails, does something stop working?
  10. yeah I have Winrar. I know extracting isn't installing was just wondering if maybe I had to extract then update the reg myself. I'll have a crack at that Daemon Tools thingo....

    Just extract to sep. folders then Daemon should be pretty self-explanatory???

    Cheers for the help again.

    Also with the other thing.... I'm still d/l that previously linked .iso (i've always wondered wether my home made wiring has something to do with me having quite possibly the worlds slowest broadband connection)

    I have VET and it's up to date. I'm running a Trend-Micro o/l scan coz Vets been picking stuff up, but not Quarantining or giving me an option to delete them. So that's a bit o a bugger.
  11. Err, KNOPPIX :LOL:
    Knoppix is a Linux distribution LiveCD. Knoppix is a Debian based Linux distribution running on a CD drive without using the hard drive or installing any files onto the hard drive. Knoppix was developed by GNU/Linux consultant Klaus Knopper.

    Port80 was pulling your leg, telling you to change to Linux. Stop that download and save your bandwidth. :oops:

    Cejay is absolutely correct. Re-read his post. Check for Spyware. Review what you have installed.