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My computer setup, yours?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by undii, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Finally took pics of my desk/monitors. a 22" Widescreen chimei for desktop/games and 19" CRT for second desktop. Took photos with my k750i so don't expect award winning photos ;)


    Anyone else have pics of their setup to show? (This is what happens when I go to a killer gig last night, Slayer was AWESOME and only managed 4 hrs sleep due to being so pumped up from it. So I got 'bored' enough at 6-7am to take pics of my (new) setup.
  2. I'm due for a new system... I'll keep the monitor, and my stereo rules.

    It's not a dual monitor setup :( that's a TV on the right.

  3. :shock: OMFG Ktulu!!.... That chair is cool, but thats an old P3 Acer and they suck a$$... I cant believe you have something 5 years old :shock:

    Pics of mine coming up when i get home tonight :)
  4. hahahahaha man we have 60 or 80 of those acer's at work.. they're good little machines, run without much trouble!! i'll put a pic up of my work setup (and home setup once i can find my computer under the pile of crap on my desk)
  5. Yeah I do like that chair,

    ok I have a 22inch Viewsonic monitor, Amd 4600 dual core cpu, 2 gig ddr2 ram, 550 watt power, 512meg nvidia 7900gtx video card, 320 gig hard drive (western digital seagate) and video burner :grin: .

    Photo taken with Sony 5mg F717.

  6. :? Umm.. pick one... WD is a diff company to Seagate... I'd say its most likely Seagate... :)

    :? I've not come across this... what make/ model is it? :)
  7. Well, I meant dvd burner, pioneer dual layer, Western digital hard drive.

    Sorry for the confusion lol :oops:
  8. Booga, stop being pedantic. :p
  9. Ohh, stats time.. Forgot to add mine at OP.

    E4300 running at 3ghz (so a $235 cpu o/c'ed to run faster than a $1000 stock CPU.. Gotta love 'dem bargains :p), gigabyte 965P-S3 motherboard, thermalright ultra 120 heat sink + fan, 2gb cheap generic 667 mhz ddr2 ram (I wanted a-data 800mhz ddr2 RAM but it was sold out nationwide at that time), pci-e 7600GT vid card overclocked 30% better scores in benchmarks, waiting til DX10 games are the norm before buying DX10 video card,
    pioneer DL burner, 70gb raptor WD HDD for OS/system files, 2 X seagate 500gb HDD for data, thermal take armor jr case and igreen 500W PSU. Think that's it for the stats for the main desktop.

    Spare PCs are both P4p800E deluxe motherboard P4's (overclocked), 1GB ram, 6600GT vid card are main stats.

    And a P2 233 linux machine that I use for backing up of main desktop 'important' files (pics/music, documents etc)
  10. AMD 939 3200 64 bit. 1 gig ddr400 ram only (bought it before they were stable with DDR2). 6600GT pcie.

    Spare PC I will probably turn into a media centre is an AMD 1800XP, 512sdr.

    Nothing special there, will only update when something goes bang... I have other priorities for money now.
  11. Yeah well it was cheap :p

    It ain't exactly stock btw... we can't all be as cool as you, booga :)
  12. The key part of mine is the 24" Dell monitor.

    Waiting for the next generation of DirectX 10 cards before I buy the monster (and perhaps the fabled price drop for quad cores). Until then I bought a cheap ex-lease P4 for desktop...you don't need a high spec machine to run Linux :). I've got my girlfriend's brand new laptop to game on until then.
  13. :LOL: I just got an email with the below pic of how in 1954 they envisaged a home computer setup would look in 2004 !!


  14. Hey, I think I've got the same monitor... oh.. hang on, urs looks widescreen?
    Is it? My eyes playing tricks?
  15. well, i got a

    compaq nc6400 craptop with minimax built in, some gigs-a-ram and a bit of spare room on the HD and a fuggen kick ar$e hi-fidelity fingerprint reader (work one, using it now):rofl: :grin:

    a HP nx6330 laptop with the following specs CORE 2 DUO T5500, 1GB, 60G, DVDRW+DL, 14.1WXGA and a fuggen remote control....how far does one get from their puter?

    a p43.0ghz, 1GB, 160G, 22"WXGA, some fancy video card, anything burner, tv/video/digital tv tuner thingo, bigmuthafugger amp and stuff (sadly, this PC is mainly used by my daughter for Austar and going to nickjr.com.au :( )

    i have too many puters.... :?
  16. Computers are for people who like to look at p0rn - you people make me sick!

  17. *nod* My toshiba M45 1.6Ghz Pentium M 1Gb ram, 100gb hdd laptop dual boots 90%-95% nix and the rest is Windows XP only for the times I use tuneboy (software to fiddle with my ECU in the trumpy to make it go vroom vroom a lil' bit better (<3 Tuneboy :grin:) :moped:
  18. one windows 2003 server; 2x XP workstations, 2x 17" monitors (one KVM'd to view the server.

    great for playing games, website work, document processing and general fiddling :)

    note to self... must get that linux web server set up.
  19. my comp,

    P4 3.06g prescot, 2gig ddr400 corsair, 80gig WD pata 80gig Hitachi pata 200 WD sata ,250 WD sata, 6600GT ddr3

    samsung 32" wide screen LCD as my monitor. duel monitored to a 21" LCD to my right


    picture taken before i stuck the 21" into it.


    to my left is my XP2700 1 gig ram 200 gig WD some random vid card i cant remember.. possible a 9600XT just a 19" CRT on this one, tho thinking of swapping the 21" across to it and ditchig the crt to spare room with the others

    and in my lounge on a 94cm LCD tv is a AMD 2800 with gig of ram 200 gig hdd for eps and divxs etc