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My computer is frozen

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by pringa8, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. Taken from Commonwealth Bank in Canberra yesterday!


  2. So that's why my pay didn't go in!!! :LOL:
  3. HELP DESK!!!!!!!!!!!! I distinctly said HELP DESK!!!!!!!!! :LOL:
  4. Was he sitting there when the ice came down, his jacket is over the back of the seat :shock:
  5. That's one of the George Castanza's rules of making yourself look busy! Always have a jacket on the back of your seat so people think you're at work!
  6. yeah I know a guy at work who used to have two jackets :LOL:
  7. I'ts all part of this damn Ice epidemic that sweeping the nation. Even the computers are getting in on the act... ANother life worthlessly destroyed by the evil that is Ice.
  8. Wow, found the article too!

    Australia's turn for prayers answered
    1st March 2007

    AFTER a terrible drought in the nation's east, it seems things are finally turning around.
    Indeed, in a statement released by the Anglican Archbishop, God has reportedly finally gotten around to the prayers of Australians.

    "Our Lord has contacted me recently and asked me to pass on this statement: "My sincerest apologies to the citizens of Australia in recent times, the world population has grown to such a size that I am forced to answer prayers on a rotational basis by continent." he says."

    Many recent events in Australia can be attributed to the sudden positive answering of prayers by Australian citizens, and citizens only (Villawood detention centre still in operation!).
    For example, the breaking drought is a response to prayer from farmers in rural NSW, the recent resignation of a number of politicians over sex scandals is a good-will gesture from the Lord in general, and the recent ice attack on the Commonwealth Bank in Canberra is in response to repeated requests for smitation from Canberra residents.

    Brian, a local resident told us, "I was on the phone to that useless twat for 3 hours, trying to get a lump sum paid off my mortgage in addition to the standard repayment... I had to tell him my birthday and address like 8 times!"

    "In the end I just asked God to take care of it for me."

    When photographic evidence of the alleged 'prayer answering' was leaked and the final resting place of the large hail-stone noted, the Archbishop contact God immediately, reporting that the attempted smiting had in fact merely removed a Dell desk-top PC from operation.

    "Shit. I missed." replied the Lord.

    Amen. Big Dude... Amen.
  9. :rofl:
    Ktulu, you are so full of shit.

    And that why we loves ya :rofl: :beer: