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My community service is done for today

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Envy-t, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. My community service for the day is done. I went for a little blat on the 2shiddy and as I pulled around the corner from the park across the road, this old farts dog did a turd. he started to walk away so I screamed pick it up! He stood and watched me ride away so I did a U-turn and sat and watched. He reluctantly pulled out his plastic bag and retrieved the shit. I called out thank you and went on my way.

    So 10 mins later I am sitting at the lights and this person from Box Hill, who is already challenged as a driver ;-), pulls up next to me talking on his phone which is tucked between his shoulder and ear while also smoking in the other hand leaning forward so the smoke can reach the partly open window. I screamed, " Be a man, Get off the funking phone! " He dropped it down his shirt front and screamed back " I wadnt horlding it! So he picked it up again and started talking, so I revved the little 2shiddy til it was bouncing off redline! lol The lights changed and he tried to flick his ciggy butt at me, so I swerved toward his mirror with my fist out, and an almost brand new range rover mounted the gutter and probably took a chunk out of his rims! hehehe

  2. =D>=D>=D>
  3. I second the applause!!
  4. Mate you're a hooligan!

    Good work for it!
  5. I've been yelling at allot of people in traffic lately. It's great till they start yelling and swerving back
  6. dude you're my hero!
    you should be even more pro-active and out there policing the streets more often.
    did you know it's perfectly legal to make a citizens arrest.
    and you can buy handcuffs at aussie disposals.
    and a punisher t-shirt from e-bay.
    anyway, i'd feel safer knowing you're out there keeping the scum of the mean streets.
  7. LMAO. I don't know whether you're having a crack or being a smartarse! It was just the mood I was in yesterday.
  8. Well Done !!! .. borderline road rage on the 2nd act of heroism however .. be careful mate

    HEY ... that shit would be a GREAT TAC advert
    ...'beware the two-wheeled traffic vigilantes" :rofl:
  9. A guy I met once about 10 years ago said in his motorcycling courier days he'd carry a 2 ft chain with a D-shackle on the end of it... for taking off mirrors and breaking windows of cagers who upset him while on two wheels.

    Rather hardcore, and not too good for our overall image as road users... but I understand it got his message across!
  10. My Uncle said that back in the day in NZ they used to carry a small chunk of road base in their pocket. Couldn't have been me, must have come off the road! lol
  11. WIN!

    (your frikking message is to frikking short)

    Edit: frikking frikking
  12. kwality

    frikking frikking etc
  13. Mate of mine was a bicycle courier in Melbourne and would carry two bicycle pumps - his good one and the Clubber. The Clubber was a cheapo metal one which would be used to remonstrate with low brow cagers and if necessary could be ditched in the gutter and if possible retrieved after swinging a blockie.
    Coincidently, he was also fond of utilising the lugie on windscreens of (expensive) convertibles that had upset him, however he preferred to demonstrate his above average skill and huck it onto the inside of the window...
  14. road rash time.

    (old school [snes?] game reference there for you old people)