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My Collection(56k beware)(updated)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by JS, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. Here are a collection of photos taken over the past few months.
    I will post more later.



  2. More photos here...
  3. Bling Bling Plus :cool: :p :grin: :LOL:

    If they are indeed shots you have taken; must say youre handy with the camera there :cool: :wink:
  4. I don't know how to take that comment buddy

  5. Take it as a complement...


    They're some nice shots; I, for whatever reason, particularly like the very first one. I think the moderator gods may say something about a limited number of pics per post though.

    What sort of gear do you use for the photos, and then how much editing do you do?

  6. most of those photos are just reseized, no editing whatsoever. there is only the photos which have the black and white backgrounds that have been edited.
  7. Very nice work js, you are indeed an artist, most impressive in both their creativity and their technical execution. I particularly like the use of light and reflection in the 748 fairing shot, damn fine image that.....
  8. The first pic is the winner in my book. Good work!!
  9. Take that to be a compliment Jon! Photos are f*cken great. :cool:

    Do you do photo sessions of action shots (people riding) etc?

    Regardless if you do or not, you should update your weblink with more information to advertise your services
    because it useless ATM.
  10. know its currently useless..i will get around to update it soon.

    thanks for your comments
  11. Top stuff.
    Yeah pic 1 definitely has that sinister horror movie sky happenin'
  12. thanks jon man for making my streetfighter look hot! when in real life it loooks kinda ugly- true skillz :grin:
  13. no probs :popcorn:

    we should do a photoshoot in the heavy smoke...i think it would be good
  14. Awesome shots there. :cool:

    I would have to say the first is my fav also. Where was it taken? It looks like the set of a horror/thriller movie. Love it to bits!

    Also, what program do you use to get the B&W backgrounds?
  15. nice photos..
    I agree with the first one being the best.

    umm....just wondering do the guys at watershed wash bikes too?
    I used to take my car there.
    I've only ever washed my bike maybe 3times at the most since I've had it and that was at the places with the high pressure hose
  16. wow these pics are unreal!
    you're a real artist mate
  17. _MG_7233 is my fave :)
    Brilliant stuff
  18. the first photo was taken in port melbourne... most of those photos are unedited only made black and white..thanks guys
  19. I hadn't even noticed it was your bike till I went back and looked after reading this...
    Nice work.
    I personaly think the 748 fairing shot is the winner. It is simple but just comes up tops.