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My clutch is very stiff and hard to pull back ?? Help!!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by steven_s2k, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. Hey guys ive got a cbr250rr 91 and i get sore finger everytime i ride the bike. The problem that im facing is a very stiff clutch and was wondering how i could possibility fix it?? people have said to me try lubricating it with WD-40. What do u guys reckon is the solution and how much is it gonna cost me ?? please give me so info on where i can buy these parts also. cheers

  2. With any luck you shouldn't have to spend any money, cos i'm betting it's a clagged up cable, not the clutch itself.

    Loosen off the adjuster at the handle-bar end, and the adjuster at the clutch bucket end, and remove the cable from the hand-grip holder.

    Get the cable as close to vertical as possible and pour small drops of oil down it, allowing time for each to disappear (and start making the way down into the main part of the cable).

    If you can, tie the cable up vertical and leave it overnight for the oil to work its way through to the other end.

    In the morning, re-assemble the handgrip end and before adjusting the clutch, move the clutch lever in and out a dozen or so times; you should feel it a lot freer.

    Re-adjust the clutch cable at the engine end first, then at the hand-grip end.

    Or, if you like, take it to your mechanic, wave some folding at him, and say, "Here YOU get YOUR hands dirty!!!"
  3. When I bought my CBR250 (from a shop) I asked them if it could be softened and they said it was easy, but if it was made too soft it could interfere with the clutch working well. So they fiddled with the lever over about 2mins and I was on my merry way. No cost. I didn't have any issues with it working well, but if I did, they said they'd just have to tighten it a little bit more.
  4. I know a Tranny that will be happy to sit on the back while you ride & reach around to help you pull "the clutch" for $20 a hour.

    Or, you could try to re-adjust the clutch lever & cable & spray it with RP7.

    Or if you have time on your hands, pull it apart, clean it out with RP7 & then let it dry, and either lube the cable with grease or silicone spray, then put it bike together & it'll better then new.
  5. I'd go with Hornet's advice but stop at a bike shop first and pony up for a cable luber and some ez-lube cable oil. Piece of cake.
  6. do not use WD 40 as a lubricant unless you want to re lube it every couple of days. engine oil works well in clutch cables, don't forget to relube the lever pivot, wheel bearing grease or caliper pin grease work best i find.

  7. +1..................the clutch advice as well :p (pretty cheap hourly rate - trainee?)
  8. just get a new cable.....from memory there under $20 for that model
  9. thanks so much guys, so helpful you all are. Im gonna give what Hornet600 mention and hopefully it will be much better and i can enjoy my ride more.
    cheers again :]
  10. PM me for my phone number if you'd like to talk through it while you are doing it :)