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My closest near miss yet

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Tildesam, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. So I went on a ride with the BF today to get some practice in before the Spring Ride soon - and I took the GoPro to do some Moto-Vlogging. It was a rather nice day for it, and the ride was pretty good overall.
    It seems rather ironic that the most dramatic event of the day occurred long after I'd run out of (meagre) battery life.

    We were actually rather close to home, about here, on Pittwater Road - anybody who's been on that road knows it's a crap-storm of bad conditions - awful surface, technical corners, and narrow lanes. I was heading north on that road, approaching a (blind) roundabout on a downhill slope. There was nobody behind me for once (being mid afternoon on a Sunday). My BF was about 15m ahead.

    It all happened in a few seconds, up ahead - a Toyota hatchback came screaming up the hill towards us - they mustn't have seen the roundabout and as a result he'd lost control of his back end coming out of it - they started to fish-tail after they passed my BF, and he came halfway into my (already narrow) lane as he swung back from his first huge wobble. I'd already buffered left instinctively when I saw how fast he was going - and as a result he missed me by about a meter or so.

    So all in all, no harm done - the BF turned around to see if he'd crashed but he'd vanished - so the lucky fool recovered after all that, too. We were a bit shaken, but both completely unscathed. But holy crap. If I'd been closer to the centre line, or I'd been driving a car - he'd have clipped me, easily.

    I've been reflecting on what I could have done to have been safer if something like this happened again - and to be honest I can't think of much. I was already doing under the speed limit to cater for the technical corners and bad surface, and when I saw him lose control the only thing I could think to do was move over and just "stay still" ( as opposed to hitting the throttle or emergency braking); because he was in the middle of a huge fish tail, his trajectory wasn't easy to predict.

    I feel as if I should be more shaken about it than I am, but to be frank - the whole thing was sort of out of my control. The BF and I are fine - and the whole thing was over in a few seconds. Thankfully we were quite close to home, so we didn't have far to go after we'd had a sit down.
    So yep, the closest near miss I've had. Just another reminder about how it can all change in a few unlucky moments. Uhh, YOLO?
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  2. Hi Sam,
    Sounds like you were lucky but ain't that life.
    As riders all we can do is try to be aware of what everyone around us is doing, and try to ride in tune with that.
    I think you handled it pretty well. Not much more you could have done excluding getting off the road.
    You weren't taken by surprise and that would have been my wake up.
    Also, you just proved that your motorbike is better at collision avoidance than your car. :)
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  3. Sounds like a close call well handled :)
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  4. Nice work young lady. Glad your ok.
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  5. Saved by your own roadcraft. Well done!
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  6. Wow. Glad you're in one piece. Maybe only casually were your nickers ...!
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  7. Took sensible precautions for conditions? Check!
    Took additional precautions on identification of threat? Check!
    Realistic self assessment after the event? Check!

    There is always a degree of risk in any venture. Motorcycling in particular relies on sensible risk management, with a smidge of blind luck. Just try to save the luck for when you've got nothing else coz it sucks to run out. ;)

    Also, get a spare battery. They're not too spendy on fleabay.
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  8. Glad you survived that one unscathed.

    I hope the idiot in the car learnt something as well.
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  9. Not sure if stunt driver, or colossal idiot
  10. To me it sounds suspiciously like drifting, lucky you.
  11. Wow. No damage to self or bike - this is a great outcome
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  12. I think you handled the situation really well. There is always more we can do, and analysing your responses is a good choice. But honestly, you identified the threat, and took reasonable action to avoid it. Would e-braking have made you safer? Maybe not, given he could have gone anywhere.
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  13. What an idiot! Nice of him to stop and a check you didn't come off!

    Well done, glad all is well!
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  14. Man it's such a shame you didn't have video footage, tards like that need to be reported.
  15. Problem is NSW police will shrug their shoulders and no action will be taken. Dangerous driving and mobile phone use is all too hard for the Police force to police, and its like, wayyyy too much paper work for not much towards their KPI's, oh, I mean their targets, oh wait, no I mean their "not targets" ;)

    Though if they were caught speeding 5km/h on an empty freeway, then fines and points will apply!

    Good roadcraft saved your ass TildesamTildesam! Good riding
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  16. RileyRiley too true, too true
  17. There is perhaps a small element of justice in the fact that car seats are much harder to clean than bike seats :). Glad you're OK.
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  18. sounds like he may have deliberately gassed it to get the fishtail happening - either way, what a d*ck he is and we can only hope that mr plod catches up with this fool before he kills someone.

    glad you're both ok Sam, your spidey senses were obviously tingling yesterday. thanks for sharing, this is a great reminder that you can be in the right on a bike and still get taken out.

    quote from Eric Hiscock in "Cruising Under Sail"

    "Here lies the body of Johnny O'Day
    Who died Preserving His Right of Way.

    He was Right, Dead Right, as he sailed along
    But he's just as dead as if he'd been wrong"

    take heed friends and never trust cagers to do what's right.
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  19. Glad you're ok :)
  20. Like everyone else, very glad to read that you are ok and nothing happened to your bike.