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My Close Call Compilation

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by stillevil, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. Recently I revised my footage for 1.5 years of driving/riding in Australia taken from my dashcams and compiled several close calls situations into one video. The motorcycle related footage starts from 0:40

    I'll sum it all up with a rhetoric question: "Is it so darn difficult to take a look in the side mirror before changing lanes?"

  2. number one wasn't a close call :)
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    It was. The reason footage terminated is because I slammed on the brakes so hard and the deceleration was so fast that my bag on the front seat dashed forward with the speed of light knocking the power off from my dashcam which was in the socket under the front passenger seat. The dashcam went into graceful shutdown mode saving the last frame and closing the video file.

    It was a real close call though) BMWs stop very fast.
  4. Mate that's everyday driving....
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  5. And I accept this))
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  6. What's a side mirror? ;)

    The thing you'll notice yourself doing once you progress from driving a car to a motorcycle is how much more spatially aware you become and how often you'll check side mirrors etc.
  7. Although I have 6 years of everyday driving experience in Russia, which to some of you might seem like driving in a war zone, I encountered such situations as in the video above on extremely rare occasion. I can recall only once actually. Here in Sydney though in only 1.5 years, considering that I don't drive or ride every day, cutting me off in such reckless manner 3 times in such a short period of time is actually way too much in my opinion.
  8. running over what looks like a piece of wood isn't a close call, you hit it. And I have to agree with JeffcoJeffco the first one wasn't a close call, plenty of time to slow down.

    What both these tell me is that you aren't very good at 'scanning' your surrounds at times.
  9. #1 your going too fast if you had to slam the brakes. In that situation you almost expect someone to jump out.
    #2 yeah probably call that a close call but it's an everyday occurrence so nothing special
    #3 similar to #2 but it seems they saw you last second. Also you had you left blinker on so they could've assumed you were turning earlier in the side street
    #4 keep your eyes on the road, you basically had 2 lanes of room to avoid the object you ran over. Completely your fault and not a close call
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  10. What Ilch said^^, but #4, you were too close to the truck in front and didn't see the piece of wood come out from underneath the truck until it was right in front of you.
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  11. #1 I was not too fast. I was driving exactly 60km/h. I know it because I have "speed limit" function in my car which I always use and which will not allow me to exceed the set speed limit under normal conditions. I'd suggest the driver to take a look in his left side mirror before changing lanes first.

    b12mick, what made you think I'm not good at scanning the surrounding? Do you think I was not expecting such a maneuver? Why do you think I managed to stop the car before it hit the car in front? I'll tell you, because in such situations I always expect exactly this thing to happen and my foot always covers the brake pedal just like my two fingers cover the front brake of my motorcycle in hazardous situations.

    The most funny thing is I'm still trying to understand what I don't understand is why so many people on this resource, the resource called netrider.net.au are always trying to teach and criticize everything even if not asked to. I did a courtesy and published the video so that others could learn something from it. Now people are trying to say how bad driver I am. Did I ask you for this? This pisses me off.

    Do you think next time I have something interesting to share will I will put it here? Not a chance.
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  12. too bad
    too sad
    welcome to Australia
  13. All in a drive/ride.
  14. will be interesting to see your final vid (assuming they stop in a bad accident, rather than continually loop recording?) :p

    may be a good time to review your driving/riding.. maybe it is not as good/safe as you think it is?
  15. If your gonna post videos up, expect there to be positive and negative comments. Im mean what were you expecting?
    Grow a thicker skin mate.
  16. same thing happened with the "look at me, I'm filtering on my L's after 2 months riding" thread..
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  17. How many more of these types of videos can the interwebz stand?
    Surely there is a breaking point?

    Unless, of course, the internet is only being held together by:
    • p0rn
    • Cats and Dogs
    • Noobs/Squids on bikes Vlogging........
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  18. It's held together by thin, fragile threads which is why it's called the Web.
  19. that's what keeps data cheap for the rest of us....

    videos like this (cat in a ball on a bike on a highway)
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  20. this

    and head checks
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