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My Cibby :(

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Matchstick01, May 7, 2008.

  1. DamagedBikeApril08010.

    Now thats gonna take a lotta buffin...

    RIP me thinks :cry:....

  2. did you find it in Iraq? :shock:
  3. Well go on then... fess up - what happened and are you ok?
  4. Buff out.


    RIP to a truly diehard bike, lets be glad its diehard rider is alive and well :grin:

    edit: I've still got the keys by the way.. probably don't need them though.
  5. Well, at least the rear chain guard is okay... you might get upwards of $10 on ebay.... :oops:

    So what went wrong?
  6. Hey Paul, I thought you'd only just got your license back???

    Man those pics are bigger than Africa; downsize them a bit, please!!!!!!!!!
  7. Time to upsize your monitor mate ;)
  8. It's not the monitor, it's the size and resolution of the pictures. ImagePost has a limit of 4mb; they must be right on the limit.

    Anyway, since you seem to know what has happened, what has happened???
  9. First one is 160kb, my one is 400kb.

    Matchstick had a disagreement with some water on the road I'll leave the rest to him if he chooses to share more but he is in once piece :)
  10. :LOL: the pics load fine at 2:30 in the morning :LOL:.
  11. :-w
  12. I'm not surprised it laid down for a sleep, after the floggin you give it........

  13. Well....

    Short Story:
    I had a disagreement with my bike, and we decided to go our seperate ways.

    Long Story:
    Coming round a bend I hit a bit of water, lost the front end and lowsided. I slid into a pole. My bike slid into a cliff, went up the cliff, and flew out over the road hitting a guy on a zx7r who was behind me whilst about 1.5m in the air. The other guy has a dent in his helmet where my bike hit him, n i've seen it :shock: . I broke my arm in 3 places givin me a 'floating elbow,' n have 3 plates and 23 screws in my arm. The guy on the ninja had one arm broken, did his wrist in the other and a collarbone. We're both outta hospital now and on the mend, and in the market for new bikes :wink:
  14. You don't muck around do you? That picture looks like the Argyle Cut in the Rocks; is it?
  15. Damn! guess your arm looks something like this. >
    Did you break the humerous? this is my right arm after xmas day 07..
  16. Yup.

    It wasn't funny.
  17. Your bike went UP the cliff?

    Maybe it was a skateboard in a past life...
  18. at least it had an air filter in it paul :p :LOL:

    naked bike project? :LOL:
  19. lmao, good call

    as for what to do with it i'm not sure. Its insured so I dunno what the situation would be as for whether they'll offer me the wreck and if so whether it'll be worth keepin. Even if theyd give it to me dirt cheap, realistically theres not a lot left reusable :cry:
  20. :shock: :shock: :shock: You sure did destroy it.

    Glad you both come out of it relatively OK :grin: