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my christmas pressie

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by D Stump, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. check it out


    they were going to do

    STMPY cause STUMP was taken. good thing they asked me first cause it looks too much like STIMPY

    its for a motorbike of course!

  2. Cool.

    You getting a motorcycle or a unicycle?
  3. ^^very funny

    its either going to be a kwaka zepha or zx9

  4. Zephyr?

    Any particular reason for a Zephyr over a Z750R/Z1000R?

    550, 750 or 1100?
  5. 750. i LOVED the zepha!

    very quick off the mark, cant stand still at the lights, very cool bike.

    the only probs i have with it are

    -17 inch front wheel not good for corners

    -no faring [which is why it looks so cool]

  6. The Jaffa replica Zephyr 750 is one of the best styled retro's around, nice choice :)

    http://www.motoraey.be/images/tekoop/zephyr750.jpg <-- jaffa paint.

    Although technically I suppose the Zephyr 750 isn't actually a retro... the motor in that bike is actually a descendent of the Original Z650 motor. It went Z650, Z750, GPz750, GT750, Zephyr 750 and was in production for over 20 years.

    Very reliable motors too.
  7. How cheap are the NSW plates?? Seems everyone has a personlised plate. Queensland Transport charge $415 for ONE motorcycle personalised plate, no commemorative full sized one for the wall... it SUX
  8. the plates in nsw are $170 is yellow and $180 in colour....

    each year you hold on to the plates
  9. Ah, that explains it - we pay for the plate up front,and just pay normal registration fees each year - so in the long run, qld would probably work out cheaper... still love your plate, D Stump!

    Mmmm what can my husband and loving children get ME for Christmas this year!! Ha Ha Ha :twisted:
  10. year will end up much cheaper, i don't think i will let go of my custom plate unless someone offers some serious dollars so i will spend the next umpteen years paying for it
  11. How so?
  12. carolf wrote

    $30 up front, plus $170.00 for every year of rego.

    dev, i had a look at ya post and couldnt see what kinda bike you're on.

    dev, some bikes are better on the straight, and others for corners. its a compromise really, similar to the compromise of a vtwin engine and a 4 cylinda engine. ya got a meet in the mid to get the best out o both systems.

    anywho, if i know what kind a bike you had, i would be able to explain it better, for all i know, you could be on a 17 inch yourself.

    i will put it this way, when it comes to bikes, no matter what, you just cant have it all.

    its either good on the straight or great thru corners,

    tis either good on the horse, or great on the peak

    theres always a comprimise.

    the 17 inch front wheel makes the straight a lot better because the energy required to gain momentum is less restricted and more free flowing, yet when cornering, you're gunna want a 16 inch front wheel because you dont want to be top heavy, the angle of the forks are going to be less decisive, and you basically have more room to move and be smoothe.

    cheers :cool:
  13. Cool plate, Stump! :grin: Now, if you were a Qld'er, you could've got...



    Yes, it's available. However, being that it's a Prestige plate, it costs......

    ......wait for it........

    $2295!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:

  14. Cool plate, is that the standard colour? Your right if they got the other one it would have sounded like stimpy. :oops:

    As for the 17 inch thing I know for sure the latest CBR1000/ZX-10/R1 have 17 inch front rims and they go around corners very well!
  15. Indeed. I think you might be more so thinking about the overall geometry of the bike Stump. Whacking on a smaller diameter wheel seems like a rather crude fix to reduce rake and trail, something better done with some nice adjustable offset triples.

    Would the 16 you're talking about have a smaller diameter anyway? I know the 16.5's used in supermoto (that answers your other question) end up being the same overall diameter as a 17 with the different profile of tyre used.

    Anywho, back to the plate. Cool. :cool:
  16. zxr12000

    thats the wrong year! its the black zepha with slightly different style seat. go find one!




    nice choice in bike btw

    carol, thanks for the D STUMP plate :LOL: unfortuately the D is for

    Dumb stump couldnt get 'stump' to work when she made her nr account.


    and yip, 5tump comes in yellow, just like the pic

    as for the 17inch front wheel, it doesnt corner 'badly' or 'too badly', its noticable when you ride the zepher, then somthing with a 16inch that very day.

    on the zepha it is somthing that i would notice, maybe not on another bike, but on the zepha, due to all rounded comfermation , tis not good but part of the reason why its so fast.t..t.t....t.............t..........................t.......

    cheers :cool:
  17. Perhaps pushing the forks through the triples (if possible on that bike) will steepen up the rake a little?
  18. You can't ride two different bikes then relate the differences to wheel size. It's the sum total of the geometry that makes the handling, not one component of it. You can get razor sharp steering with a 21" wheel for instance.
  19. Um, that was me, not Carol. D'oh! :wink:
  20. the best gifts are the ones you give yourself!

    fcuk santa