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My chokes making the bike cut out. flooding?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Al Bundy, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. After reading graemepa's post i thought id ask a quick question.
    When i start my bike and pull the choke the engine cuts out. is this due to flooding?

    i have tried adjusting the idle knob with no change on this issue. the choke worked when i first got the bike(a month ago) but not the last two weeks. (i may not have started it up in early morning the first 2 weeks).

    When its cold it idles at what looks to be below 500rpm till it warms up, any throttle or choke and it cuts out.

    If i start it at any warmer time it starts and idles with no fuss without the choke.

    the bike runs smooth and power(or lack of it :p ) is fine.

    Thanks for any advise.
  2. Bit of a mystery.

    How do you start the bike?

    Try putting the choke 1/2 3/4 on and then start the bike.
  3. i start the bike with no choke. then let it idle at what looks to be less then 500rpm. then after 30 seconds give it a breif rev to 3000 rpm to get some oil moving. then put helmet and gloves on (maybe 30 seconds) ride off slowly(between 3000 and 6000rpm) with it still fairly cold.

    edit: i have never had it not start or not been able to rev it after a minute. i just thought that idleing so slow could be doing damage due to not enough rpm for the oil pump to do much.
  4. At first glance it seems that your bike is running rich, and 500rpm is too slow to idle. As an experiment, get it ticking over and then pull the air intake hose off the carby(s). Do the revs go up when you do this? If yes, and everything is ok at cruising revs, then you probably need to check the idle mixture.
  5. When you're starting it from cold, put the choke on before you start it, probly almost all the way depending on ambient temp, then adjust it down if it idles too high once started. Pulling choke on once it's running doesn't flood it, it just makes it run rich and stall.

    My vtr is the same, choke first then start.
  6. Try attaching jumper leads to you battery and starting. If the spark is weak, the rich mixture with the chock on could be snuffing out the spark... indicating a weak battery or electrical system problem. Also make sure your air filter isn't clogged.
  7. I think this is my problem. I probably start it then think 'crap i should have used the choke' then try to put it on and it stalls.

    i feel a bit stupid now :oops:

    thanks for the help, ill check tomorrow morning when its cold. (i usually dont ride to work so dont start it cold too often).

    thanks for the advice :grin: :grin:
  8. check the air filter, clean or replace if clogged. It can cause symptons similar to yours though I doubt thats the prob. It's a gradual worsening problam and not one to suddenly start a week ago.

    good luck.
  9. Every bike is a bit different. Some you need the throttle on others you need to pump the throttle, some you just use the choke to fire, other no choke at all.

    Let us know how you go.
  10. Applying choke restricts air intake resulting in the mixture richening. The cold rich mixture combusts more easily than the cold correct mixture. Thing is, if your mixture is already rich (the bike starts cold) then you put on the choke (richening up the mixture further) and the bike cuts out, it's probably cutting out from "rich cut out" - too rich to combust.

    Rich running leads to fouled plugs, rough running, and decreased fuel economy.

    Sounds like you need a service.
  11. Do NOT use the choke on your cibby!

    Your standard CBR, as with mine and every other one of the thousands of the bloody things, doesn't need choke. I've not once used the choke in a year of riding - except the first time I tried to start it. It flooded out, and cost me $50 and the skin on my knuckles to replace the fouled plugs!

  12. When the bike konks out after using the choke, does it not start again after that for awhile?

    heh kinda getting a hang of the whole flooding thingy after my ordeal :)
  13. This might help if it's well, well flooded.

    If you roll start it (push it up the hill, turn around, turn the key and make sure the kill switch is on, roll down and srop the bike into second) you can burn off a bit of the flooded fuel without killing the battery.
  14. I started the bike this morning with the choke on before i started it and it started fine (straight too 2000rpm and steady). Thats the mistake i was making(yes, i am an idiot).

    Robsalvv: it was serviced before i bought it, about 600ks ago but 3 months ago. it will be getting serviced again next week so if theres any issues it should get sorted out.
    It is not running properly without the choke (starts but only just idlles) so i assume its not running rich, and theres no blue smoke from the exhaust.

    graemepa: it always started straight back up

    Thanks everyone for the help, much appreciated :grin: :grin: