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My CeeBee baby

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by hongyi77, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. #1 hongyi77, Jan 23, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2013
    Traded in my VTR250 on Monday for a 2011 CB400 in black. It comes with silver Musarri exhaust and black Renthal bars. They had to soften the front and rear suspension to make me reach the ground more so that I can ride it home! Sucks being 5'1" :( I am going to get the seat reshaped because being a heavier bike, I need more traction manoeuvring it around.

    Managed to fit my VTR adjustable levers across :) and going to fit the windscreen on the weekend. Haven't decided on any mods yet, oggy knobs and headlight protector maybe but the engine case already has some scratches on the right from a stationery drop. Very minor.

    EFI throttle is so touchy compared to the caburetted 2004 VTR, I feel like I a relearning the basics again eek!

    Obviously I have already subscribed to the CB400 thread here Hahahhaha!

    uploadfromtaptalk1358939292992. uploadfromtaptalk1358939309790. uploadfromtaptalk1358939326583. uploadfromtaptalk1358939343008. uploadfromtaptalk1358939407240.
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  2. Nice bike, looks the part!
    Ive got a VTR250 myself and thinking of upgrading soon, had it for 6 months.
    As good a bike as it is something fresh would be good!
    How do you find the CB??
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  3. Congratulations, the CB400 is a great bike. Enjoy your new ride.
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  4. Welcome to the club, only had mine a month or so and love it. Yes the throttle takes a bit of getting used to after carby 250, I found every bump a thrilling adventure into the unknown for the first couple runs.
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  5. Good looking bike! Congrats!
  6. I loved my VTR :) also had it for a bit over 6 months he he he.
    I find the pickup very good, very responsive and damn that throttle is crisp. But EFI is very touchy esp in first gear during a corner! I wanted a bigger bike to be more comfortable over longer distances.I find the CeeBee very buzzy, much more than the VTR which was a surprise to me. Once it hits VTEC it is a much smoother ride.
    Quality of bike is just awesome. Looks better in real life than on photos.
  7. Do you jump into second gear when you corner? I am trying to relax my arms so that the bumps don't transfer to the throttle! I am glad it is not just me...
  8. I sometime do, depends on the corner.
    You should be relaxing your arms anyway but the CB suspension is not that hard is it? I actually harden my compression front and back (because I'm a heavy bastard) haha
  9. My suspension is soft as to reduce the seat height! Luckily I am not heavy...
    Must improve my throttle control... :D
  10. Looks awesome!!! Congrats
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  11. What do you mean by this?
    If you are in first gear in a corner you must be going slow.
    Or do you mean at a set of lights turning?
  12. I'm not sure what you mean by that. The gear I'm in depends on the severity of the corner and never does my bike jump gear, my gear decision is made before I turn in.
  13. Sorry bad choice of words and didn't express this correctly. Yes at a set of lights turning. I have since found that it is me not getting used to the fuel injection yet because the carby 250 takes a bit before it responds and EFI goes straight away! When I am going into a corner while moving I will drop to 2nd usually.
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    In that case, you just want to pin it till you make it through the corner then shift, or shift early and then accelerate.
    Don't shift midway if you are still getting use to the throttle.

    Whatever you do don't be indecisive when in 1st gear, you either nail it or you shift early, there is no changing your mind, the engine breaking can cause a lock up if you back off
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  15. Thanks for the comments and advice :)
  16. Have fun on the bike.
    It is a great bike that will put a smile on your face the more you explore the rev range and get use to the throttle
  17. Have had mine for nearly 15 months and has run like a top. Only problem? The gold rims are a biatch to clean!
  18. Yeah with all the storms in Brissie, I have not seriously cleaned the rims since I got the bike on Monday. I used to clean with some car shampoo, need to clean them to put on some rim stickers!
  19. Too true hongyi77. I still haven't found anything that really does the job but you'll need something stronger that car shampoo when it dries off up there. Stay safe!
  20. Hi CB brothers, regards to cleaning the anadoised gold rims on your 400's, a local bike shop employee who owns a motorcycle said he uses brake cleaner, which l tried and it works, not sure if it would do long term damage though. Getting my bike serviced today at honda dealership and am going to see if they have any recommendations. WD 40 cleans them well but l think it leaves a residue on them, have been advised not to use anything that has an acid base, has anyone else any thoughts on this. If you don't keep them clean, the scum and crud that settles on them will eat away at the surface.