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My CBR650F

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  1. Seano321 submitted a new Showcase Item:

    My CBR650F

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  2. mine is at 12k now, and can attest that those vibrations do disappear.
  3. Nice bike mate. I'm seriously considering either one of these or the naked version for my first non-LAMS bike. The only thing pushing me to the naked at the present is the lack of colours on the CBR.

    The white looks the best of the two I've seen so far though. I really want a red, blue or even tri colour version as I've always gone blacks and whites for cars etc.
  4. Looks great mate, love the look of the headers and the swingarm, and it's great in white. Let us know how the vibration issues go; whether they settle down or if it's something you get used to. Seems to be a common complaint on an otherwise solid bike.
  5. Good to hear! I've already noticed a reduction in vibrations, which I dare say is the combination of the 1000 Km service (bolt tightening, etc.), the addition of Grip Puppies and Heavy Bar Ends, and just the bike settling in! Haven't been on the bike for the last 5 weeks due to knee surgery, so have only done around 1,500 Kms on it. Also going to apply some Techspec Snakeskin Tank Grips when they arrive, which should also help with the vibrations
  6. G'day
    Why does it vibrate early on in its life ?
  7. sykessykes Some say its because its a stressed member engine, as in its apart of the frame rather than contained in the frame, so the vibrations transfer rather easily. Once the engine wears in, so do the vibrations. I've recently gone from grip puppies for my ride from syd to victoria, to stock grips and dont have any trouble with it now.

    The bike really fits most niches, touring, a little bit of sports, commuting. I havent taken it to the track yet, but on paper the top speed is down only about 20-30kmph from 600rr, even with the extra weight. Cant see it selling a lot though from the reviews its gotten from a few magazines.
  8. Well it looks great .. And I imagine you can take a passenger
  9. SydMurseSydMurse
    Do all bikes need a period of running in to ride at optimal smoothness then ?
  10. Yeah had a passenger to and from melb.
    Regarding engine smoothness... it seems like a more pronounced change with the cbr650, but I came from one and two cyclinder bikes previously, and honestly its only a buzz compared to a V twin vibration
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  11. SydMurseSydMurse

    I don't understand why this bike has had mediocre reviews. Nearly every one I've read freely admits it's a good bike but because it's not a HP monster race bike, gets average results.

    For someone like me and others, this bike is perfect for commuting, touring and the odd bit of sports riding.
  12. Barters81Barters81 I agree, longer I've had this bike, more I like it.

    But then reviewers have a lot of trouble giving this bike a role, as a sports bike, there are better sport bikes, as a tourer, there are better, as a commuter, there better... and for a cheap bike, there are cheaper with better paper specs such as the mt-07.
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  13. Unfortunately not everyone can have more than one bike. I'm guessing professional review writers have several bikes as the norm.

    Also something that rarely is mentioned is these bikes look awesome.
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  14. Great looking bike. Looks a lot like my FZ6R but better in every way. Enjoy!
  15. Thanks guys for the positive remarks! I just had the TechSpec Snakeskin grips arrive yesterday, just waiting for it to stop raining so I can take it out for a spin! 20150616_150810.
    20150616_151108. 20150616_151031.
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  16. Ooh sexy.

    Get out in that rain!
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  17. I quite like the look of your bike :) Enjoy the nice ride mate