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My CBR500r!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by DirtyDuck, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone! I finally decided on what I should get and decided a 500r. Got a good deal from my local dealer and am very happy with it! I have had it for a few weeks now and have developed my skills a fair bit and am just loving it! I'm eager to attend a netrider day in Elwood I believe?

    I also just want to ask, I will be doing my first oil change soon and am going to use the oem honda semi synthetic 10w-30 as recommended in the service manaul. Is this anygood?

    Also how often should I check and how Important are tyre pressures?? Should I just top up at the servo or use my own air compressor and tyre inflator?

    Many thanks!

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  2. Hi Dirty Duck, gotta love these HONDA 500's...

    I recently changed my oil, I bought the Honda HP4 & OEM filter, plus a filter tool (see pic). I bought front and rear paddock stands not long after I bought the bike - it makes maintenance a lot easier... but you won't need one for an oil change.

    There are many opinions on which oil you should use, and most of them are valid. Personally - I paid the extra for the Honda stuff and it may be my imagination but it seems to run and shift a lot better.

    I drained the crankcase first, let it drip for an hour, then removed / replaced the oil filter. You'll need to place a container under that spot too, or you'll have oil everywhere - ask me how I know...

    My advice (and that's all it is) on tyre pressures, buy your own high pressure foot pump, a good quality pressure gauge and check your pressures before every ride.

    Good luck, cheers Fred.
    Filter tool. HP4 Oil (1). HP4 Oil (2). OEM Filter (1). OEM Filter (2). rear stand (1). rear stand (2).

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  3. Welcome to NR
  4. Great stuff mate.
  5. Welcome Dirty Duck:)
  6. Howdy and welcome to NR! :happy:
  7. Check your pressure only when tyres are cold. Servo gauges can be in-accurate and unless it's just around the corner from your house, don't bother, as the tyres will be warm/hot and read higher.

    I usually ride weekly and it's part of my pre-ride routine, using a good quality analogue gauge, then a bicycle pump to top up, if needed.
    20,000 km on, the system is working for me.

    That's just one way, of course.
  8. I did my first oil change today, it has changed the bike completly! I did not know what was in before, just from the dealer now I used 10w-30 hp4 honda oil... Everything is much smother especially the gear changes. 1st to 2nd.. the gear lever use to vibrate a fair bit when revved up bit less when normal. Now its buttery smooth. The whole bike is super smooth now! I also cleaned and lubed the chain. How often should I re lube the chain? Riding has been so much fun can't wait to go on a group ride with some memebers sometime..!

    Thanks everyone. :D