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My CBR250RR Wont Start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by VLTurbo, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. I went to take my bike out for a ride on Saturday but it wouldn't start. I checked the fuses, petrol, battery but they all seemed fine. The bike would crank but just wouldn't start. Any idea's?

    I'm pretty new to the bike scene and don't have much experience in troubleshooting, any advice would be much appreciated.

  2. Possible probs

    If you're not riding it much, it's possible that the battery is low on power, both for turning over the motor, and generating a nice fat spark to fire on. Get you local dealer to check the voltage regulator and make sure it's passing a good current back to the battery, (should be around 14.1 volts at idle)
    If you've got a couple of beefy mates, sit on it, click it into second gear and see if they can push start you. If it fires (be suited up first, of course) take it for a nice long ride to get the battery charged up again, or, just ride it round to your dealer, wave a wad of folding at him and say "FIX!"
  3. You say that it cranks so obviously you can hear the starter motor, does it sound like it's even trying to kick over??? Does the cranking die very quick when your turning it over???....more info............ :shock:
  4. Definitely more info required. The engine is turning over? Is it turning at a consistant rate? If not you could have a regulator or battery issue. If it is turning and not dropping away it could be a fuel issue. Carb balance problem maybe?
  5. Has the bike started before? How did it last come to stop? (did you just kill it or did you flood it and leave it?)

    I had a similar problem with my fzr250 the thing was it cranked over but just didn't want to go. At times though it sounded like it wanted to start. I assumed it was just flooded so I just held the ignition switch for around 30 seconds without any throttle and then gave it a small twist on the throttle and it started.

    So yeah just throwing things in. I've had my battery die on me aswell, when My battery died the bike would give reds. I turned on the lights and tried to start it but the lights just dimmed till eventually the bike started making a buzzing noise. You could probs check that out on your bike too.

    Other than that you can try and clutch start tha bastard. If it starts up then, then you can be sure it was tha battery or something electrical.
  6. hows ur fzr goin now paul?
  7. paul? I guess ya meant Pat?

    It's goin.... that's all I can say haha.
    It's been blowing smoke at above 12000 revs, thick black smoke I can only see it when I'm standing still I assume when I'm riding it just gets blown about by tha wind, but yeah the needles must be worn or something. I think I'll just run it till it dies and buy my gsx-r 600 when I'm off my restrictions
  8. haha.. sorry pat.. thought it was paul..

    sounds good..
  9. If it's turning over but nothing happens, I'd be thinking ignition coil.
  10. Sometimes the cause can be obvious...have you checked the kill switch is turned to run?

  11. Err... didn't VLTurbo say that the engine turns over??
    Wouldn't do anything with the kill switch on.
    I'm guessing fouled spark plugs or something else simple.
  12. The motor would still crank with the kill switch off, it just won't start.

    Is it doing anything? Spluttering/ trying to start?
    More info definitely needed. Has it been a poor starter before?
    If it always usually starts first time, then it's electrical, if it always is/ has been a bit problematic then it's most likely a fuel/ air related problem. When was the air filter last replaced?
  13. Hi guys, sorry about my slow reply, had a few issues with my login.

    My bike sort of sounds like it's trying to start (especially the first time I try to start it after leaving it for a while). As for the cranking it seems to be a constant speed, doesn't sound like it slows down.

    I've had the battery on the charger this afternoon, I'll try it in the bike later tonight.

    It's always started first go for me since I've had it (about a year). Hmmm...as for the air filter I haven't changed it since I've had the bike.

    Thanks guys for all your help. Hopefully I can get it sorted by this weekend.

    Any more ideas and advice is definitely welcomed.
  14. does sound a little like the problem I had with mine.
    Mine was just flooded and the fuel wasn't evaporating quick enough.

    Try holding the ignition switch without turning the throttle at all for about 20 seconds then give it a little twist of throttle, and I mean little. could help could not, worth a try.
  15. CBR250's are very prone to fluding... I never had to use the choke on mine... and fluded it every time I did use the choke... (all of my other bikes need choke)

    If the air filter is old than that makes fluding even worse...
  16. Okay I've put the battery back in the bike and tried to start it. Same thing still happens (just turns over but won't start).

    Patske, I tried what you suggested but still no luck. I can smell fuel so maybe it is flooded.

    lordtb, how hard is it to change the air filter? Sorry if thats a stupid question!!! Are they expensive? I imagine I can grab a filter from Peter Stevens in Rngwd or the honda place?

    Roy g biv mentioned spark plugs. Are they easy to change? How do I get to them?
  17. It may pay to complete your profile and enter where you are located.

    Then someone close by, may actually volunteer to meet up with you and lend their assistance.
  18. have you tried clutch starting it VLTurbo?

    Give that a go aswell. I don't know if you know how but it aint hard.

    Either push it up a bit of a hill or get someone to push you as fast as they can. Make sure you have the bike in first gear, the ignition set to "ON", the key turned so reds show up, and the clutch in, when you are moving at a good speed (Approx 20kms should be ideal) just slowly release the clutch and the bike should start it'self once you reach the friction point.

    If it doesn't then I got no clue. I had to do this to my bike when I first started riding because I kept stalling and flooding the bike and I eventually flattened the battery. Once I clucthed it, it started so I made sure I rode it round for a while to get the battery charged up.

    Anyway give it a whirl, hopefully it works.. just sounds like you've got the same problems as I had when I first started riding my bike, problem with my bike was that it just kept flooding on me cuz of my newbieness
  19. Try spraying a little WD40 near the air intake (sometimes helps to kick the engine into life, but can be tricky to do on newer models with sealed air boxes).
    And change the air filter, it sounds as though your bike isn't breathing properly.
  20. something like this always check spark and fuel.

    Seems like you've checked fuel so off to plug land.

    Remove the tank and you should be able to get to at least one plug. They should be between the camshaft at the top of the engine.

    Remove one and put it back in the lead. Earth it against a bit of exposed metel somewhere on the bike and hit the start button. Make sure there is'nt fuel around

    You should have a strong blue spark.

    Let us know and we'll go from there