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My CB400SF Vtec

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Johnrhys, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. Well it of coarse is .

    I want to add a few things to it maybe better parts, nick nacks or even an exhaust

    I have about 2 grand to spend on these...nick nacks

    What are some things to buy for MY benefit...and the bikes benefit in the long run

    Dont know much about the cb400 or its parts.

    So im asking what SHOULD i get? (Dont want to buy something pointless haha)

    Already got my eyes set on a GoPro and Shark bluetooth
  2. Don't bother with an exhaust. Save your money for a decent set of tyres.
  3. I bartered my local and they gave me a set of brand new tyres i get to chose from they have given me some advice on what to get but thats a good question what are some decent tyres that will get me to the moto gp this year? haha
  4. I've got Michelin PR2's on and I rate them. Dual compound which suits my mixture of commuting and spirited riding.

    Get new tyres an exhaust and oggy knobs
  5. Im looking for a not to expensive exhaust :) any ideas?

    How much do the PR2s cost mate? :) and oggy knobs will be a good investment haha
  6. what about PR3s are they worth it>
  7. Delkevic Stubby from Ebay seller Delkevic USA.
    I ordered one and it came in about a week, have yet to fit it.
  8. Depends where you get them but I paid $435 all up, which is probably a bit on the expensive side.

    PR3's I think are pretty much the same quality but even better in the wet.

    I went for a Staintune exhaust on mine. It aint cheap at $700 but I had high expectations and was still blown away by the quality and sound :)
  9. The guy suprised me with sone SP2s im getting 80% off the oggy nobs a K&N filter and he said the exhaust he can do for lioe 200 for a yoshi slip on if i want it

    Im thinking just stick to stock for now :/