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My catus is dying!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by es, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. its sorta shrivling up a little.... do you think it needs watering?
    i got it for christmas :(

  2. You have to put it in full sun and only give it a few drops of water every so often, if they're not in full sun they will die.

    My cacti died not long ago because i never open my blinds :LOL:
  3. its been on a window sill in full sun though... maybe too much sun and its dehydrated?
    i might put it outside for a couple of days, itll catch some dew.
  4. yeah just chuck some water on it and put it outside or in the sun. outside preferably. the worst thing is the dust that collects on mine and i can't clean it off cause of the spiky bits! :LOL:
  5. Shannon just gives me beer...I come good after a few of em :grin:
  6. ...... yeah, but how do you go in the sun?? :LOL:
  7. so catui like beer?
  8. if it is shriviling up give it water put your cactus near a wall or on some stones surrounded by stones or bricks in the sun.

    does that sound about right ?
  9. thats about it..in a nutshell

    I have about 50 cacti...and if they are shriveling up..they need a drink..if they are soggy and soft...they need to dry out.

    keep them in strong sunlight..turn the pot weekly to make growth even.
    they will flower in the spring..when the days start to get longer in length
    of daylight.

    Most cacti come potted in a free draining sandy mixture..any excess water
    will drain away...just dont leave them in a tray of water..thats when they get soggy and rot away.
  10. no brown spots just shrivling a fair bit. ive moved it to a sunnier spot and will put a little water on today too. I should get one of those spray bottles and fill with water.
  11. Eswen, Ive got a book on cacti and succulents,
    I'll bring it with me to coffee tonight :)


  12. Sounds like my saturday nights if i pick up a chick and have drank too much :p :p :p :p
  13. :LOL:

    thanks caz guess ill have to come to coffee tonight now ha!
  14. Did you get the book from caz???
    Your cactus needs you at a time like this, mabye you should take the day off and stay home to care for it :)
  15. the book and I were at coffee...
    but eswen was a no show.
    there's always next week :wink:
    if the cactus lasts that long! :p
  16. That's pretty bad eswen, killing a cactus.

    I went to the side of the house and checked out a cactus I planted a very very long time ago, and that's still alive :rofl:
  17. gees eswen :eek:
    i thought those plants were unkillable...
    i left mine like unattended for like 3 months and its still alive... well to be truthful i total forgot about it lol
    :LOL: :LOL:
    i think it even had little catus babies :LOL: :LOL:
    is it possible... :shock:
  18. how was the funeral? sad times eh :? goodbye cactus... we love u :grin: :LOL: