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my car won't run

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by cam1976, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. I have an 1997 EL Ford Futura Falcon 4ltr engin. All of a sudden just stopped. I have checked the following, spark at plugs, pulses to injectors, new leads, new plugs, ignition timing and compression all good. Not even getting a Kick over at ALL!! SOS PLEASE HELP!!

  2. :? If it's not turning over then how did you check the compression/spark?
  3. Are you actualy getting fuel to the injectors??

    fuel pump, blocked filter/line, split hose.
  4. 'not even getting a kick' ??

    im thinking battery/electrical issue.....
  5. i can think of a few things
    most likely culprit is the fuel filter being clogged which happened on my old VL commodore.
    Second culprit is the fuel pump(s) most likely the low pressure pump inside the tank.
    third culprit could be one of your sensors maybe a crank angle sensor which on my VL died and made the car not run at all.
    symptom of crank angle sensor issue was the car ran then just stopped dead.
  6. if the startor motor isnt working, it could be you alternator. if it is working check your fault codes, if thats good, check if you are getting voltage through your fuel pump relay with a multimeter. if your getting decent voltage there, swear loudley, and kick the crap out of your old ford cause you knew that you should have got a holden after all :LOL: :p


    edit: oops didnt see the suddenly bit, it would have been a long slow painful death if it was the alternator. it does sound like a ECM system problem, check your fault codes
  7. EL have shit alternators.
    check both leads that run to the alternator, which is easy to find. there is a thick wire, going to a bolt and a thin wire going to a clip-type connector. ensure these are in place, and try to jump-start it.
    if not, new alternator.
    would have run until battery ran out of power. renew alternator.

    smee - straight 6 no have crank angle sensor ;)
  8. Buy a workshop manual and find out how to pull the codes from the computer.
    The computer will tell you what area is wrong, and the book will tell you what to check in that area. Dont throw parts at it, it never works.
    You can't diagnose EFI cars over the net, just doesn't work. It's not like the points and mixture screws of yore.

    Regards, Andrew.