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My 'cafe racer'

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Jakeex, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. yo yo!

    just came here to introduce my 'build'
    ended up getting a vtr250 (original, eh?) as i was told a '78 cb350 was probably not the best
    beginners bike, haha
    stoked with the bike anyway, plenty of fun :)

    everyone knows what a stock vtr looks like so i wont bore you. but it should start to look different soon.
    plans (most likely in this order):
    -12'' shorty reverse cone
    - tidy up nb. plate area
    - spray engine covers black
    - drag bars, i think theyre called
    - yellow tint headlight with visor
    - re-upholster seat
    - lower it? if thats even possible. will research more

    gonna be a slow build. ill make what i can and buy what i cant.
    pics shortly, ill be taking out my camera on the next adventure
    constructive criticism along the way is welcome, dont tell me im wasting my money. i already know that ;)

  2. welcome aboard :] good luck with the project
  3. Welcome and

    All the best. Post some pics when you can...
  4. Like the yellow tint headlight, that's real euro retro.
  5. welcome to Netrider...good look with your project Jake!
  6. welcome aboard. sounds like a fun project.
  7. thanks for the welcomes guys,

    yeah, i have the yellow tint on my car's fog lights too haha, i reckon its a cool touch

    also, sorta into photography so ill try keep it updated with quality pics :)


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  8. Welcome, Jakeex! Going to look nice afterwards.
  9. guys i need help
    after racking my brain for the last week trying to figure out what to do about a reverse cone,
    i THINK i have a solution.
    the only places i can find that makes one with a 2" inlet is dime city and lossa eng in the u.s
    and theyre ~$250 delivered with no mounting hardware, etc. AND u/s means 3-4 week shipping -.-

    so, i thought, ill buy THIS 'universal' one which has an inlet of 45mm and then get an
    exhaust shop to flare it out to 50mm to fit over the merge collector on the bike.
    mainly for noise and looks, not performance. although, still unsure about needing a re-jet

    does anyone see a problem with this?
    any help/suggestions would be great
  10. Hey Jakeex and welcome.

    Just a thought, if you're going for the Cafe Racer look, I think a set of Ace bars will suit it better than Drag bars. I've had both Drag and Ace bars on my VTR, using Drags rights now as it suits the dual headlights better. Only issue I had with Ace bars is that it does restrict your cables if you're going with an aftermarket headlight (VTR has a huge bundle of cables stuck inside the stock headlight), so you might have to just re route some of the control cables if you go with that and find a place for the rest of the wiring to go.

    Anyways, look forward to seeing how your project goes.
  11. thanks mate, throw some pics up? inspiration/ideas are good and welcome!
  12. First one is with the Ace, second two are with the Drag bar.

    Sorry I don't have any decent pictures of the Drag bar, took this whilst I was working on the wiring at the front (hence the wires all over the place). I get the bike back from the mechanic sometime next week and can give you a better idea of what the Drag bar looks like, also I still need to paint to bike so it's not quite done yet.

    Attached Files:

  13. ah yep, thanks! yeah the ace bars have that funny bend in them, not sure I'm a big fan, I'll look into it more later anyway but post a pic when you get it back for sure!
  14. Did some searching and found this:

    Looks like Dime City Cycles do a cafe racer style exhaust that might fit the VTR.
  15. yeah they make one that will fit for sure, but its twice the price and shipping from the u.s would be a couple weeks
    as opposed to the next few days
    BUT it is raw stainless which looks amazing, so ill see what happens
  16. heyhey
    update time is fun
    my muffler arrived :) went to an exhaust place to get it fitted cause its a bit of mucking around,
    he quoted $200 give or take. so i politely declined, rode home and ripped out the welder.
    basically made a reducer from the 50mm pipe to the 45mm muffler,
    apparently the stock merge may be a double wall, so it COULD be a bit smaller than 50mm
    which would be lovely. wont know till i cut it. soon, soon

    better update soon, may include a sneaky sound vid :p
    anyway pics, showing the reducer on the right
    (excuse the dodgey looking hand)


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  17. Make sure you keep that stock pipe on hand, just had to make a bracket to put mine back on so I could statisfy the greenies over at the EPA.
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  18. well well, i finished it!
    ripped out the welder after work today and got to it. cant describe how happy i am.
    chopped the stockie off, there was a bit of the baffle still inside the pipe so i left it in,
    welded my reducer on and bolted everything up. couldnt wipe the smile off my face when
    i heard it running. sounds sooooo good, took it for a ride and smiled even more :D

    butt-dyno noticed the TINIEST loss, not sure if its placebo of thinking it would, but it sounds
    faster so oh well,

    more pics soon


    just need to get some exhaust wrap and ill be happy with it
    and in my excitement i forgot to get a sound clip

    comments (good or bad) welcome,
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  19. Nice work, good balance with the swing arm and overall lines, I like it a lot.

    I recently saw a wrapped exhaust that took me a minute to pin down why it looked off, it was wrapped from front to back which had the wraps facing forward. It'll either start lifting or collect lots of junk.
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  20. Looks great! And I bet you had a smile on your face. Woohoo! And Hillsy's right. Wrap from back to front to stop the collectables gathering in the wraps.

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