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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by brosman, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. ok, i have recently brought a 1988 product 2 BROS honda 400cc. does anyone know any faults or flaws to do with these models? how exspensive are the rear brakes? how easy is it to replace. they are disc brakes btw

  2. They're very nice - pretty much the (well respected) Spada's big brother as I understand it. Don't know a lot more than that about them - hope someone can help out.

    Oh yeah, and if you have any piercings at all, your nickname shall be 'Pierced Brosman'. ;)
  3. nah, no piercings, but i like the sound of that lol. very fitting if i did have a piercing though. lol
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    That's exactly what I thought when I saw the title of this thread :bolt:
  6. bahahahaha!!!! seriously though, what do you think of the Bros Honda?
  7. Honda have a well deserved reputation for quality and reliability, I don't know much about that specific model but if it has been regularly serviced then I don't imagine it will give you any trouble at all. It looks like a nice little bike.
  8. I think they are more closely related to the NTV650

    Not particularly well liked here but popular in other countries

  9. seems easy enough
  10. the bros and ntv650 were the bikes of choice for a lot of the london couriers, used to see hundreds flying around while driving through central London they must be pretty good considering most couriers are driving at least 150 miles a day.
  11. I come across one on my morning commute sometimes. I must say; its a tidy little bike. I quite like it (looks, etc.).
  12. shouldn't you have posted this before you bought it?
  13. i looked at the link hawkgtforum and yeah it does look easy enough when i have that problem, i shall be able to do it myself