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my boyfriend's new baby PICS on page 2

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. no, he hasn't swapped me for a younger model.
    yesterday while I was visiting dad, Tony went to Bills Motorcycles for a test ride on a 2008 VFR 800i.
    When I got home, it was in the driveway! :shock:

    he said 'i just fricking love it. hope you're not mad!'

    no I'm not mad, we'd organised a loan for this before dad's accident. So, we're now back to a 2 Honda family, and best of all he chose a candy red one so we now match :LOL:

    haven't taken pics yet amongst everything else that's happened, but will get them up soon.

    He even got Bills to throw in a free helmet.

    his first impressions? he said that after coming off the CB1300 to this, he has NO idea what people are talking about when they say the throttle on the VFR can be jerky & ruthless. he said the CB had a jerky tendency. this thing felt smooth as silk compared to it so he's happy.

    he's only a short bugger but he can touch the ground on each side on his toes. on the cibby it was 1 foot on toes only. He liked the brakes, and thinks this is the best bike he's ridden so far.

    so he's chuffed. only downer is dad can't take it up the road for wheelies for him. but we're going to head down some of dad's fav roads on it for him, and take in some pics for dad to see.
  2. Beautiful machine. thebigd has one in the same colour. You could just about jump into the paint, it's so deep.

    Congratulations to your (very lucky) boyfriend.

    (Best wishes to your Dad, too. Hope he's going well.)
  3. Merry Xmas Tony. I had a ride of one a few weeks ago...very impressed. Tash...you will enjoy it too :grin:
  4. Re: my boyfriend's new baby

    :shock: Why would you even think he'd want fresh mince when he has prime cuts at home :) :)

    Good for You Tony !!!! Enjoy your new 'other' baby

    Cant wait to see the pics .. both bikes side by side :wink:
  5. good stuff.. post up pics when ya can :grin:

    looks like he got an early xmas pressie :p
  6. Congrats to him!

    Great bikes aren't they :cool:
  7. sounds like he treated himself early...what did he get you?
  8. Laid! :rofl:

    seriously, this bike is a replacement for his much loved CB1300. he just wanted to have a different style of bike for a while..one more suited to a short arse :)

    oh and he got me a Sony Bravia 46" TV and Sony Playstation 3
  9. So u both Got Laid? :rofl:

    Congrats on the Pressies and a speedy recovery to ur Dad
  10. Three cheers for rooting!


    Oh, and nice bike.

    The 07/08 models have apparently not got such an annoying VTEC crossover... But I didn't realise they'd worked out how to get rid of the snatchy throttle... If he finds it becomes a problem, I can point him to just the bloke to tell him how to fix it.

    And if it MUST be wheelied... Garn, bring it round! ;)
  11. Re: my boyfriend's new baby

    LOL @ that

    edgelett, do you ride?

    a bike i mean.. ;)
  12. seems like he has it all then...whata life huh....

    I think this is what you call a Win/Win situation....
  13. Re: my boyfriend's new baby

    Now how can you be mad with that? laught16.
    Bet he was nervous as hell till you got home. Wondering if he was in the sh!t or not.

    Enjoy your new toys
  14. Re: my boyfriend's new baby


    ah - yeah mate, candy red Honda Hornet 600.
    you'll notice it in my profile.

    Loz, he said the only place the throttle was snatchy was when he had it at around 7000rpm, but even then he said it was no-where near as bad as he'd been told by people.

    he was worried it would be like the cb1300 which is snatchy in terms of you're either stationary or flying.

    Charmed, yeah he was a bit worried, but thing is I knew he was buying a new bike anyway so it wasn't really a shock, just didn't expect it to be sitting there 30 mins after the test ride! i thought he might try a couple of other bikes first.

    should have pics tomorrow guys
  15. The viffer was voted as the best all-round motorcycle a coupla years back. I rode one for the first time not long ago, and it's easy to see why.
    I'm pretty sure it'll be my next purchase.
  16. Re: my boyfriend's new baby

    I actually found it wasn't too unlike the surge I got from my CBR600F. Although the VTEC sounds ear tinglingly more awesome and it pulls more than the CBR did, it's not as bad as I'd expected. I certainly can't fault the bike because of it. The CBR throttle got a lot twitchier above 7000 for the remainder of the gear, but the viffer just has the initial change, then smooth sailing.

    Always brings a grin when you see the revs ticking up to 6,700 or so...
  17. What a ridiculous claim. Even if you negate the inherrent Honda linked braking and suspension flaws (the fireblade is the only Honda that doesn't require a complete suspension overhaul), it's by no means an 'all rounder'. Compaired to a BMW R1200GS, V-strom or Triumph Tiger (the old one) it's quite limited in capability.
    The VFR is a reasonable tourer, though even then the suspension is easily overwhelmed if loaded with luggage and a pillion. Last time I looked the rear preload required a C-spanner, which is appauling on a tourer. There is no compression or rebound adjustment at all!
    As a sport bike, in stock form they're appauling.
    All this for 16k+orc!

    The die hard VFR addicts tend to disable the LBS, replace the entire front end with one from a Fireblade or VTR SP2 and buy an aftermarket rear shock.
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  19. wow that's a nice bike

    hope he enjoys it

    and FU to the new-bike-experience wrecker above. Just stfu.
  20. Ummm, OK. Geez dude, talk about a mood killer.

    Yes, I'm sure that there are issues with the bike, or aspects of the design engineering that owners would prefer to be different. I'm not claiming this as fact, it was a result of a general consensus vote. Do a search on the net, you're bound to find a similar response. And I'm not just talking about the viffer sites.
    Just out of interest, have you ever ridden one? What did you think of it on the road?, as opposed to simply stating your negative observations? I'm not being a smart arse, I'm genuinely interested. As I said, it'll most likely be my next ride.

    The thing is, it's not claiming to be perfect. Just the best all-rounder. Meaning that it's was the preferred mount by the majority at the time. What this encompasses exactly, I don't know. I didn't make the "ridiculous" claim, just trying to share that love on what I also consider to be a great bike.