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my boyfriend has gone crazy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by edgelett, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. Yes - let your BF ride it you twit!

  2. No! You have to ride it yourself on such a momentous event!

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  1. I just had the most insane conversation with him. i rang him from work but had to hang up because he just didn't understand....

    Here's how it went.

    Me "Is Ray (his mate) coming on the Toy Run?"

    Him "Yeah I need to talk to you about that..see he may have sold his bike."

    Me "Oh so he's not coming? or is he going pillion with you?"

    him "Actually I had a suggestion. See I thought I could loan him.."

    Me inturupting "..my 250? That's a great idea! Then you ride your bike, Ray rides the Cibby and I take the Hornet 600! Thanks baby that would be awesome!!!"

    Him "um..not quite. I thought I could lend him my CB1300, I'll take your hornet & you can come on the back or ride the 250 or something."

    Me " silence..............silence................"

    Him "Honey?"

    Me "So let me get this straight....on the biggest motorcycle event of the year, when everyone shows off their bikes, you want to take MY baby, the project I've spent 9 months working on so far, on it's first unveiling to the public, and RIDE IT YOURSELF!!!!!!"

    Him "um....yeah, why what's wrong with that?"

    Me " :shock: Oh how about EVERYTHING!!!!! You can't ride MY bike on the toy run as if it's yours!"

    Him "But you're still on restrictions!"

    Me "I don't care - you're NOT riding my Hornet. People will be coming up to you ALL DAY saying things like 'wow nice bike DUDE'. Everyone will be commenting talking to YOU about it. And it's MINE!! My ego can't deal with that!"

    Him "But you can't ride it anyway you're on restrictions you HAVE to take the 250"

    Me "Then shove your mate on the arse of your bike & haul him around. either I ride the hornet or no-one does!"

    He just didn't understand! I have had no problem with him taking it for rides through the hills to charge the battery, or from place to place to get work done, but I just can't deal with him riding it on the toy run!

    so am I being "ridiculously stupid, it's just a bike" or am I justified in "get stuffed, i ride it or no-one does"?
  2. Your response is natural.

    Looking at it from a 'this many people want to ride bikes, we have this many bikes... 1 person is limited to ride 1, so they have to ride that one' point of view - it seems natural for him to make the assumption it's ok to borrow your bike.

    Looking at it from the 'gorgeous bike's first time out' perspective: You are totally right and he's silly to even bother asking :)
  3. :rofl: :rofl: you fell for that one :rofl: SUCKER :)
  4. You are completely in the wrong. Women should always defer to men when it comes to all things mechanical.

    Except the lawn mower. You can push that baby all you want.
  5. Hang in there Tash, the first public airing of YOUR baby should be with YOU on it......
  6. Well it's not as bad as the "C'mon baby. I know it's the first time... just let me [ride it] for a little ways. Just to see what it feels like..." :p

  7. hahah that is great!
  8. who paid for the bike and under whos name is it registered?

    I say your right no matter what the answers to those questions are ;) if he has beef with that he can call me :p
  9. yeah I know - i regretted it heaps when he returned & told me how awesome it pops wheelies.

    and eswen - ta mate, I might threaten that!
  10. so have they found his body yet? or did you get him to a pig farm in the nick of time...

    That was a seriously dumn request on his part reguardless of restirctions i would ride my best bike oin the day... lend him the 250... make him suffer.
  11. You aren't being silly at all. That makes total sense to me.

    When it comes to getting your way just remember that it's YOUR bike and you'll do what you like with it. I don't mean that as in you should pick a fight with your bf or be horrible about it. What I mean is that next time the topic comes up just just say something like "yeah that would work hun, but I'll be riding it. He can borrow my 250 if he wants."

    Be nice about it but be firm and reiterate your position if pushed....and don't justify or explain your position. You have nothing to justify and by not going down this path it will help end the conversation with the outcome you want.
  12. You have put a lot of effort into that bike,Carri has been following your thread on its creation for some time, if roles were reversed and it was Carri's bike and I said whats been proposed to you,errrr,she would say something along the lines off :furious:
  13. I honestly think that if its your bike, on such an event, he should take his friend on the back of his bike, and you ride the 250, and leave the Hornet for unveiling after you get off restrictions.

    Thats just how I see it from my view, I can understand how it would mean so much to you, being your baby and all. For someone else to ride it in such an event would be pretty difficult to cope with for me too.

    I go with "You ride it, or no one rides it" attitude, and in this instance, being on restrictions, no one rides it. But when the day comes for your unveiling of it... Count on me to be there! :grin:

    Just my 2c
  14. You're a woman. That means you're allowed to get upset and whingey no matter how irrational others might think it. And it's your bike, so you can definately say who can and can't ride it and where.


    Now you're going to look like a cry baby. And Tony is going to look whipped. :grin:

    So glad it's not me in this situation. :grin:
  15. +1 vote for the boyfriend - bros before hoes!!! :LOL:
  16. I agree it was stupid for him to even suggest it. After all the work and love you have put into it I wouldn't let anyone ride it expecially before you get a chance too !
  17. I don't even see the debate here! It's your baby. :)

    More to do with his mate not wanting to go pillion me thinks...
  18. Might I say I loled :LOL:
  19. No argument from me....no one else should ride your bike unless you offer. :evil:
  20. I think it's forgivable for him to have made the suggestion in the first place... just being practical in a masculine, not-taking-emotions-into-account sort of way... but if he's smart he'll have had a think since the phone call and dropped it like it's very hot... and either be pillioning his mate or telling him to find his own ride. 'Whipped' is a useless term, mostly used by those not in longterm relationships...