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My BMW R65

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by elefunksoup, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Hi all

    I suspect this pic won't work as it's on Facebook, but hey.

    This is my beloved 1982 BMW R65. I've had my Ls since February. If you see me riding around Newcastle, nod. I love my bike and feel I'm learning and improving every ride.


  2. Don't ever sell it...you've got a great classic there!
  3. A Classic indeed, good on ya.
  4. Yeah great looking bike!
  5. I think I saw this on bikesales last month. I was quite tempted to attempt a restoration job on it. You did manage a good buy. Congrats!
  6. Piece of history!

    Great buy.

  7. Thanks guys! I bought him in Victoria July last year. A friend did some work on him then shipped her up in January.

    I reckon he looks just like a motorcycle should! :grin:
  8. Very nice .Not sure what you have ridden before , you will get to love the boxer feel.

    Maybe the lower center of gravity. But im really starting to trust mine around some pretty good corners , taken me a few months to get a tad confident on it ,Im at the point where i super biked it off a round about the other day (front wheel not needed)

    Newcastle ride this sunday 10am @ hexham mcdonnalds . we mainly do sane and coffee

    A few good places to open it up along the way
  9. awesome..... At some point in my life I need to own a naked bmw twin
  10. This is the only bike I've ridden (apart from the yucky 125 I had for my pre-learners!). I love the low centre of gravity - feels so solid. I'm 172 cm so it's quite a big bike for me, but it's easy enough to shove on its centre stand, etc.

    I'd love to come for a ride but I'm probably not up to it just yet. But I probably do need to stretch myself a bit too.... Maybe in a month or so.
  11. Awesome looking bike. (y)

    Dont EVER sell it. :)
  12. The BMW taste never leaves you. You may stray to the Japs but you'll always come back. That's what I've found.
  13. Nice bike. Enjoy it.
  14. I've been riding heaps more the past week or so and loving riding more every day. Learning more all the time too. :) Why didn't I do this 20 years ago?
  15. It is never too late, eh!
  16. i'm jelly.

    Great bike!
  17. I agree. This is a beautiful bike in excellent condition. One day it will be worth a lot more than you paid for it. Don't ever let it go!
  18. So is it a him or a her or gender confused? Haha
  19. Wow, I have a friend in Newcastle who has an R65 very similar to yours, same colour even!

    They are really stylish bikes and I have only done a very short ride on an R65, but they feel really 'meaty' in the engine department and comfortable to ride.

    My housemate has a silver one and it has a very loud and distinctive exhaust note. Reverberates through the house when he rides off!

    Great choice, enjoy :applause: