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My BMW R65

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by elefunksoup, May 2, 2012.

  1. Hi all

    I hope this pic is visible cos I'm linking to Facebook...

    This is my lovely 1982 BMW R65. Bought her last June, but only had her in my posession since January this year cos a friend did some great work on her and then brought her up the central coast.

    This is my first motorbike. I'm on my L's and loving riding and learning.

  2. (y) Looks Nice.
  3. 'twas such a pretty bike, the R65 (y)

    Why would you buy a clapped-out Honda 250 of dubious parentage when you could serve out your restrictions on a classic old machine like this?
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  4. Noyce.
    Don't let anyone butcher it into one of those cafe crawler things.
  5. Well done! Look after it and happy(safe) riding
  6. Looks very tidy
  7. I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with it, I used to love riding mine on long trips when I still had it :)
  8. How much did she cost?
  9. Looks good - as an R65LS owner I think you've made a good choice. Fun to ride, inherently reliable and a very sweet all round bike. And that one looks to be in lovely condition.
  10. I quite enjoyed my clapped-out Honda 250 of dubious parentage!

    My housemate has an R65 LS and it's a very cool bike, and very easy to work on with those air cooled heads readily accessible :p
  11. Thanks for the comments guys.

    I have a couple of "how to fix your motorcycle books", but haven't done anything myself except replace the mirror and the indicator lens that broke when I dropped her.

    The next fix wil be to get some touch-up paint and get rid of some dings in the tank. After that - new kickstand that doesn't have such a crazy lean.

    Price paid was $2800. Plus about $1500 more on replacing bits and pieces and servicing. Not too bad I reckon.

    I went for a long ride today, lots of traffic and my nemesis - evil Dr Roundabout (curse you, Central Coast). I downgraded my performance from "going well" to "still much to learn".
  12. Love the old airheads. It's on the bike-bucket list
  13. Love those trumpets...