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My blinged up Gixa

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Nickers330, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. Well, it's been sometime now and having an opportunity recently, along with the Gixa's 6k service, mods to the bike (GSXR750K7) are as follows :

    * Jardine GP1 slip on exhaust
    * Pazzo 'shorty' racing levers (Black/Blue adjusters)
    * Blue wheel rim strips

    A BIG thank you to the lads at DYNOVERKS for their professional and friendly service and installation of above mentioned parts.
    If you value your prized possession, I couldn't recommend Dynoverks more for any service to your 2 wheeled animal.

    Future mods :

    * PUIG Dark Smoke Double Bubble screen
    * Blue (matching) Bar ends, though this is a maybe

    Aaaaah yes, and the rear pillion foot rests are coming off...very soon.

    My bike now LOVES posing, and it's very often that passers-by and onlookers will approach for a chat ..and a gawk ! Hope you like it too.

    Not too hard to spot the promo sticker - Thanks again Dynoverks & see you soon !

    My Gixa, the poser !

    Pazzo 'shorty' racing lever, Black with Blue adjuster...these are soooooo good !

    The sexy look and rumble of a Jardine GP1 :)
  2. Hot :grin:
    Has it been dynoed?
  3. top lookin bike mate. cant wait till i have something like that, hopefully an r1. :grin:
  4. megaphat : Thanks re your comment. Not yet dynoed mate, who knows...maybe one day in the near future..just for the heck of it ;)

    mikey_mikestar : Firstly, welcome to Melbourne :) (Read your other post). Thanks for the comment. Hard to tell, but the 2nd pic (from the top) has a twin exhaust slightly protruding into the pic...a brand spanking new 2008 R1. Rode alongside it on May 29th..the R1 riders first day of ownership. They're a mean, hot looking bike.... but I'm biased ...Gixa's rock ;)
  5. :biker: sexy....

    shoulda resized your pixx....mods wont be happy
  6. is that a full jardine system?
  7. Goz,

    Just a slip-on GP1 mate. Very affordable and effective...especially with no sound baffle installed :LOL: Aaaah, just noticed you have one on your R6..shweeeeeeeet !

    Had mine sent from the States at a reasonable price..much cheaper than anywhere in Oz ! RidersDiscount, for anyone interested. PM for further details.
  8. Great looking bike mate. Mines pretty much identical :LOL: although i got a twobrothers system on my and blue anodised bar ends. Get the bar ends! they look dam sexy. Anyway mate i might see ya parked somewhere sometime. just make sure we dont take the wrong bikes home :LOL: cheers JB
  9. :LOL: kinkybinky !!!

    Awesome ! But yes, let's not take the wrong bike, huh ? Regarding the bar ends, where did ya get yours from, if I may ask ? It's something I've been thinking about..but heck.. I'll do it !

    See you out there sometime mate. Thanks for the nice comments, which are, of course reciprocated toward your 2 wheeled weapon !

    Cheers mate
  10. got my bar ends at suzuki in frankston, im a regular browser of the place, purchased some oils and crap from there and the bloke said my bike would look nice with some anodised bar ends. he threw em in half price :LOL: they were around $15 i think :LOL:
  11. Thanks kinkybinky !
    I'll most certainly look into that.. perhaps even a casual ride/drive down to Frankston sometime in the near future.
    Cheers for the info :)
  12. yeah no worries mate, u can pick bar ends up at most bike shops. Just go to ur regular shop that u get crap from and im sure they will chuck ya a good deal from time to time :)
  13. looks tops mate...

    i was sitting outside changing my rear brake pads the other day and one older guy game up and commented how nice my bike looked and told me about the cruisers he owned, then my neighbour who i havent spoken to in 10 years came up and was telling me about some guy she knows who is shipping his harley over to england to ride it around there...
    eariler in the day a road worker came up to me when i parked in the city to find out what year my bike was.. he didnt believe me when i told him it was a 05!

    Its contageous!
  14. Nice Haysey ! Go the GSXR ! :cool:
    Calling all GSXR's on a Melbourne City parade run.. lol.
    Now, THAT would be something.

    Hope to see you dudes out sometime.
  15. looks sweet
  16. your bike looks pimp!

    take the warning stickers off :)

    not sure if you've seen this thread but check it out!
  17. Great looking bike mate :grin:
  18. Thanks Dougz, Kambo, Richem and others re your nice comments. Just ordered a double bubble (PUIG) dark smoke screen and will take up kinkybinky on the bar ends.
    Damn it, after all this spending, I'm definitely hanging onto this girl, for a while anyway :)
    I'm in Melbourne from Sunday 21st till end of the month. Hoping to get out on some rides and meet the wonderful Netrider folk. Otherwise, if anyone's heading out for a local ride during this time, feel free to PM me and let's see if we can work something out.
  19. sounds good mate, i suppose we could get the bikes together and meet in a maccas carpark and compare crap together :LOL:
    Yeah should catch up for a ride sometime buddy although i do most of my hills riding during the week, not interested on the weekends as much as there is too many folk up in the hills and cops and the likes.
    But yeah im usually available for a blast wed or thursdays :)
  20. I personally HATE the look of those exhausts, reminds me of that hearing aid thing from the Tin Tin comics. Ugh.

    But I bloody love the bike :D :D :D