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My birthday present!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by taibo, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. i have a very loving wife! :grin:
    ill let the pictures do the talking...
    only done 250k's on it. Cant wait till the 1000k service so i can put the termi's on her!

  2. Damn i wish i had your wife!
  3. I also wish I had a wife that buys me something like that....
  4. Congrats! Thats my dream bike. :cool:
    Can i marry your wife?
  5. Holy cow! What a present. That'll be hard to top next year :rofl:
  6. Adopt me...

    My birthday is in June...

    I'll have an 848 please mum............
  7. are you joking me..!!!????

    very very noice prezzie that one.
    there should be more lovely women like your missus.
  8. Adopt me......adopt me now!! :cool: Now how do I become a toy boy :LOL:
  9. Not fair!!! I had to buy my own bike for my birthday :cry: :LOL:
    Congrats. We're all very envious and hate your guts :wink:
  10. motherfcuking, i am a cocksucker asshole shitface.......

    Nah congrats dude!!

    Can I have sex with your bike?
  11. duuuude, why? why would you do that to us all? because of this, now, i hope you understand, that i have to come to your house and kill your whole family. oh yeah. thats how serious this is.

    hehe i jk. OR DO I?!?!

    congrats. ducatis are metallic sex.
  12. Fantastic, Sex on wheels!

    Congratulations :cool:
  13. Did you slap her for not getting you an MV Agusta???
  14. Why would she waste her money on that, when she could have bought you a 14.. :LOL: :p

    Congrats mate i am sure you will enjoy your new ride.. :twisted:
  15. taibo...you say you have a very loving wife. I really hope so, but by buying a bike like that, she could be trying to get rid of you? :p

    Enjoy the ride!
  16. :LOL:

    i bought my bike to be able to get away from my wife...every now and then.

  17. Sooo many Ducati's when they park up at the cafe, they won't know which is theirs :p
  18. Jeez taibo, with a present like that you wouldn;t care why she's trying to get you out of the house so often and when you come home the toilet seat is up :)

    Congrats you lucky bastard! Now, what are you getting for her birthday? :LOL:
  19. Holy crap another one!! :shock: Congrats man, thats 3 dukes in the one day posted up new!!
  20. thanks for the replies!
    i was actually quite surprise actually when she said "you should get the 1098s". We were at the Sydney bike show when i showed her a S2R 1000. Then we some how ended up looking at the 1098s...and before you know it i had one on order!
    luckily for me, and not so for her...the pillion seat sucks! she vows never to get on it ever again!