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My bike's lock got picked :(

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Sajie, May 1, 2006.

  1. I parked behind the Victoria Cross building today (in North Sydney) - where all the bikes are. Finished work at 6pm today, so it was dark when I came out. Tried to start the bike but couldn't find the usual ignition switch so I was thinking geez I must be tired... after fiddling a while, I came to realise that some has screwed a phillips head screw on top of a hexagon nut into it!

    I went back to the office and got a phillips head screw driver... lucky enough I was able to unscrew the damn thing out. Though the hole is damaged and hard to turn, but the key still worked thankfully.

    I'm wondering who would do such a thing? Were they trying to steal the bike or just wanting to upset a bike rider? Or maybe just some kids having fun on someone else's expense?

    I've taken a picture of the phillips head screw and the hexagon nut. Can some please tell me what they're for?

    Does anyone know where I can get the ignition switch fixed, and how much does it cost?

  2. Brainless vandals, although that's really a tautology

    If the lock is still working you may not have to replace it, but it's just not the same riding with something damaged, is it?
  3. I'd say you were lucky. Usually, that screw is screwed into the lock, then the screw and lock are ripped out, exposing the wiring. Then the bike/car is hotwired and stolen. I thikn a vandal would scratch it or break something off.
    If I parked in Nth Sydney, I'd get an alarmed disc lock or something!

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. what the?! that sucks big time! and is extremely odd that theyd leave the screw and nut in there if they were trying to nick it. i'd say go to a wrecker and look for a 2nd hand ignition switch cause i doubt they can repair it. but maybe ask whoever services your bike first.
  5. Get a new barrel, take it and the old key to a locky, tell them to "make this work in that" part with some cash, voila, all good again.

    As typhoon said, its screwed in and then used to yank the barrel out.

    Looks like they were disturbed (mentaly as well)
  6. Sounds like you got lucky and still have a bike.

    Being in north sydney i would guess there is a few cameras around maybe see if you can get a copy,if you do get a copy and see some thing ,take it to the cops ,they maybe known to them.
  7. That my dear is the end of a 'dent puller' it's a common panel beater's tool and also a common car/bike thief's tool.

    It's designed to pull dents out of panels but also does a good job of pulling out ignition barrels.

    I'd say they got sprung by someone and did the Harry before they could accomplish their evil deed, consider yourself lucky to still have a bike and never park it there again.

    North Sydney is very much a hotspot for bike thieves.
  8. They must have been spooked and left their toolkit of thievery behind. As Typhoon said, it looks like a homemade slide hammer.

    Edit - Sorry Vic, there must be an echo in here...

    Be careful in NS, I've got a place down the rode and we've had a CBR600RR disappear in the back of a van twice in the last few months apparently - a different one the second time. :)
  9. Probably they were trying but didn't quite finish yet... guess I was lucky and still have a bike, looking on the bright side. I am nervous about riding it anywhere now until the ignition switch is fixed, and will also get a disc lock for it this time.

    I didn't think something like that would happen (until now), especially in North Sydney...
  10. Post up a sign with a picture of the items, saying that they have been found and where the owners can get them. When they come for their tools, smash their heads in big time with a cricket bat. :evil: :wink:
  11. Always thought NS is safe 'till now... thanks I will from now on.
  12. If it was in a bike parking area ,maybe leave a note on the other bikes ,the same bikes normaly use the spot every day.

    Quick NOTE ,my bike was almost stolen here yesterday ,be carefull and make sure you got a lock.

    just photo copy it.
  13. Invest in a huge chain and a very chunky lock, if they've tried to take it once chances are they'll come back again.

    You could also just leave it there without the above and just wait in a car that has tinted windows with a few mates until they come back :LOL:
  14. North Sydney is one of the hotspots for bikes getting stolen. Especially the place behind the VC.

    MccOfNSW was talking to North Sydney police a while ago about getting a camera or at least warning signs set up there, due to the high theft rate.

    There have been eye witness accounts of a van pulling up, two guys loading in a bike and off they go.

    The warning signs were to let the general public know to report any bikes being loaded onto vans, not just assume it was kosher.

    Don't know what happened with that.
  15. sorry to hear bout that sajie, and alarmed disc lock may help but it so easy to just pickup a bike and throw it in a van..
  16. hey Sajie, I park at Nth Syd everyday.
    man ! now i have to be extra careful don't be lazy putting on my disk lock.

    The bike parking area behind Victoria Cross is dodgy !
    Its out of the way and in the back streets.

    I'd do what Sled said, work together with other riders and let them know.

    I talk to the other riders that park their bike where I park mine.
    Its like a little neighbourhood watch. :cool:
  17. Yeah I'll print out a few notes tomorrrow letting other bikes know to keep their eyes out too...
  18. Try adding a disc lock as well but don't forget to have a reminder so that you don't try to ride of with it on!
  19. Close call... on the notices, have osme sort of contact number or detail, perhaps it wasa fellow rider who scared off the crims and might have some info to give... who knows...

    Just a question for those with disc locks...
    how much are disc locks? i have a steering and electrical circuit lock on my bike that keeps the steering in the left position and turns off all electrics. but is that enough? cos i know hte bike can be wheeled away, itll just be turning left the whole time... i might buy a disc lock for extra security too.
  20. Steering locks are broken very easily. For the average moron with a long flat bladed screwdriver and a hammer... your bike is free to be wheeled away.

    Disc lock, steering lock, and a decent parking place should be the bare minimum! Aside from that a hidden kill switch, an alarm, and a physical chain down point may also slow down a thief. The truth is that if they really want your bike, it's theirs no matter what you do.