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My bike....

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Assassin, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. Hey, I eventually found a pic of my bike... I took this along the spur before I cracked the lens....


    Cheers, Sass

  2. very nice mate. :cool: nice & shiny..
  3. I recognise a front tyre, and something that resembles headlights... What exactly is this device? :p
  4. Sweet!

    The ST's are a beautiful piece of machinery. I just put a Stebel horn on mine and have ordered handle bar risers to increase the comfort factor.

    What year is it?

  5. Very nice mate !!!!
  6. Fine bike.

    Too bad it's so hard to photograph yourself riding!
  7. Hey guys...


    it's 2002 model WGM... sweeeeet ! :cool: I bought it in Sydney about 18 months ago and rode it back to Vic. it doesn't have the lectric screen like the latest models, bit it does have the grip warmers and electronic cruise control ((get this, made in box hill Victoria)), and it works really well.... I try to get out most weekends when time permits, between slavery and sleep....

    Favourite rides, to Yarra Glen and Healesville and I did round the bay once...but only being new to Victoria, haven't really figured out the best rides yet... hopefully will meet a few riders here that can 'show me the way'. :wink:

  8. pan euro's have quite a fan club over here, good solid bikes!